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Magnets are better used in lifting hot metals. Lifting magnets are the type of magnets that are used to lift high temperature magnetic materials.

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Can different magnets attract heavier objects?

Bigger magnets are used for heavier objects.

What are magnets mostly used for?

toys, getting objects

What is forklifts used for?

For lifting and stacking heavy objects

What is the term used to describe objects that are not attracted to magnets?


What is the Industrial Magnets?

Industrial strength magnets are used widely for lifting, work holders,and chucks.

What device uses magnets?

One of the major uses of magnets is for compasses. Magnets are also used in motors as well as for testing for ferrous metals. Electromagnets are used to lift heavy objects.

How are magnets used to make objects?

just by attaching the magnets to the the weakest part of the object to hold together the whole thing

What are cranes used for?

Cranes are used for lifting heavy metals or otherwise immovable objects. Cranes are also used for moving objects and putting them down.

What are strong magnets used for?

A magnet is used to attract metallic objects by drawing them towards the magnet. Strong magnets can be used for jobs such as the disposal of cars and other industrial uses.

What else can magnets be used for?

There are magnets that can be used to pick up junk and collect metallic rubbish. There is also a super conductor that can make other metal objects hover to.

How are magnets used in child's toys?

You put them in the toy for the child to stick the toy to metal objects... magnets are the same no matter what you put them in, even avocados.

What are electromagnets and what are they used for?

Electromagnets are magnets powered by an electric current. They can be used to move objects and also store information.

How can magnets move objects?

A magnet creates a magnetic field. This field is a force that affects magnetic objects. Like any other force, it can be used to move objects.

What are eye bolts used for?

Eye bolts are commonly used to attach cables to objects for lifting or holding in place

How do household goods use magnets?

Speakers and motors use magnets. Using electricity, the electromagnets create a magnetic force which reacts against the permanent magnets in these devices, thus creating motion. Magnets are used in cabinet latches to help them to stay closed. Screwdriver tips are sometimes magnetized to help hold the screw on the end or to help retrieve a dropped screw. Magnets are often used to hold things onto metal objects. Refrigerator magnets are one example. Common objects may have magnets attached to hold them onto refrigerators and other metal objects like lockers and metal cabinets.

What is a helicopter crane used for?

For lifting heavy objects that would be awkward or hard for a regular crane to do.

What are some objects that contain magnets?

electromagnets are used in batteries to convert energy into electricity

What is an example of a situation where it would be best to use certain types of magnets to attract different types of objects?

Electro magnets can be used to attract metals temperarily while permanent magnet would be used for compasses.

When are magnets used?

magnets are used for wide variety of porposes like seperating magnetic objects from non-magnetic objects example(iron from other metals),electric motors,AC and DC generator,loud speakers,transformers, recently used to direct or to control plasma in plasma reactors( currently under development )

What tools are used to observe objects?

Tools such as magnifying glasses and microscopes can be used to better observe objects.

What magnets are used for refrigerator magnets?

bar magnets

How can magnets be used in recycling cans?

Magnets will pick up steel cans, lifting them away from a solid waste stream. Additionally, rapidly changing magnetic fields can be used to "pop" other metals out of a solid waste stream, through current induced in those metals.

How did the Ancient Romans use cranes?

The ancient Romans used cranes or "trochellae" in the same way as they are basically used today. They were used for lifting and moving heavy objects.

Is gold used in magnets?

No, magnetite is used in magnets. Gold is used in jewelery.

What is a lift magnet?

A magnet used to lift objects is a lift magnet. There are permanent magnets for this purpose and there are electromagnets used to lift things such as cars at scrap heaps.