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Goats are a different species to sheep but they are both ruminants. A male sheep is called a ram, a male goat is called a buck but castrated male Goats and Sheep are called wethers.

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Are male goats and male sheep both called rams?

No, only male sheep are called rams, male goats are called bucks or billys.

Are goats the same as rams?

No. Goats are a different species (though similar) than sheep. A ram is an intact male sheep, not in any way a goat.

What are the advantages flock mating for sheep and goats?

The biggest advantage to flock mating for sheep and goats is one male can make dozens of females. The male animal is able to breed many females.

Are sheep bred from goats?

No, sheep are bred only from sheep as with goats.

What is a castrated goat or male sheep called?

Lucky... I don't know about sheep but castrated goats are called Wethers.

What is the term for castrated male sheep and goats?

They are both called Wethers when they are castrated.

Who is smarter goats or sheep?

Goats are far smarter then sheep.

Whats the difference between sheep and goats?

Goats are more independent and most goats have horns and beards. Goats have hair, sheep wool. Goats are more alert, sheep are a bit dreamy. Sheep are grazers, goats browsers. Goats are friendlier and will make a better pet.

Are mountain goats related to big horn sheep?

No goats and sheep are of different genera. Mountain Goats are goats that originated from the mountain areas, while big horned sheep are simply sheep with big horns.

Are goats and sheep inexpensive lambs?

No, lambs are the offspring of sheep. Goats are not related to sheep as they are of different genus.

Do mountain sheep eat mountain goats?

No sheep and goats are both herbivores.

Does milk come from goats and sheep?

Both goats and sheep make milk, but only goats are milked for that reason.

What is difference between goats and sheep?

The different between goats and sheep is that sheep has wool that people use to make stuff like covers. Goats have fur. Goats also have horns when sheep do not.By Lucy Elsdon Sheep have fluffier coats unless have been sheared

Are goats a type of sheep?

No. Goats and Sheep come from the same Subfamily (Caprinae) but are both separate types of animals. Goats being Caprines and Sheep being Ovines.

What are twin wethers?

Two male sheep or goats that are born to one mother which have both been castrated.

Which animal butts and pushes people with their horns?

The male sheep (the RAM), goats also have a tenancy to but people.

Are sheep and goats called cattle in the bible?

um, no. There are Shepherds that shepherd Sheep around.... Now Im not really sure about the goats but sheep are sheep in the Bible... :)

Is a goat a male?

Goats can be male or female. Female goats are called does. Entire male goats are called bucks. Castrated male goats are called wethers.

Are sheep herbivore?

Yes, both sheep and goats are.

How do you say lots of sheep?

A herd of sheep/goats

Are goats used to lead sheep?

no, i will not lead sheep

Are sheep bigger than goats?

Sheep will appear to have a larger carcass capacity with their wool on their body, however, goats are taller than sheep.

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