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Are manufacturers warranty any good?


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Seems to be relative to the dealer you work with. I have seen some that took care of problems very well and others that either did not take care of problems or whacked them with additional charges to warranty an item. Case in point is a customer we had that needed brake rotors. The dealer warrantied the rotors, but then charged additional to put on the pads. So much additional that our shop could have done the whole job less than what he was charged to get warranty work done. Dealers are compensated by the manufacturer when warranty work is kept low as I understand it. How true that is I don't know, but seems to fit. Another case of warranty work that sticks out in my mind is a car that just went out of warranty by 1000 miles or so. It needed headgaskets and the dealer would not take care of it because of no prior maintnenence being performed there. Rare that this happens to an engine, but this particular engine production was a problem child that the dealer often did take care of. Now whether they would have backed it had she brought the car there for oil changes, tire rotations or other services (that probably weren't needed) remains to be seen. Most dealers seem to not want to take care of warranty work if the vehicles was purchased elsewhere. Some are upstanding and reputable because they understand that it is the right thing to do and can build a better customer base by doing so. There are plenty of loopholes to deny warranty work and potential aggravation to get problems resolved....but you never know until that gets to that point. They can be great, but it all depends on what they cover. You need to be sure to read the fine print. And stay away from extended warranties or the "extra" coverage stores like Best Buy and Circuit City offer. They're trash and they'll end up costing you a lot of money.


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Yes, a 90-day manufacturers warranty.

The Sanyo Innuendo does come with a one year limited warranty. Of course the warranty only covers manufacturers defects and not any physical damage. If you break any phone only insurance covers that damage, not the warranty.

The Body Solid EXM1500S come with a manufacturers warranty protecting against defects.

They usually come with a year warranty with the better quality products available.

Huttig will honor the manufacturers warranty. All depends on the product you purchase.

A warranty is a guarantee issued by manufacturers regarding the quality of their products. With a warranty in place, consumers feel more confident with purchases.

The NordicTracks come with a five-year warranty, whereas most manufacturers come with a three-year warranty.

Some manufacturers have 5 year warranties included.Others offer extended warranty plans to their customers.

IRiver proudly offers a manufacturers warranty.

Any boom box usb cable you will purchase comes with the basic manufacturers warranty which usually covers the product for one year, from mechanical problems.

The warranty should be transferrable to the new owner.

It really depends on where you go , most places will have a extra warranty and most products will have a manufacturers warranty that will replace the item all together if damaged in any way .

To purchase an extended warranty for any product is a personal decision. Many television wall mount manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their mounts. If you were to purchase one without a lifetime warranty, an extended warranty would either help or totally cover the cost of repair and/or replacement.

My personal favorite is Wal-Mart, computer store it is not. However, the prices are affordable and you not only get the manufacturers warranty but you will get the Wal-Mart warranty that covers you after the manufacturers warranty expire. Prices range from $248 and up.

Typically any new electronics you purchase will come with a manufacturers warranty lasting either one, two or three years depending on the product. Most electronics retailers also offer their own extended warranty options.

if it has a warranty then why not If it was new this would be covered under the manufacturers warranty.

The RH Forschner cutlery set come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.

Absolutely not. Only a warranty deed carries any warranty of title.Absolutely not. Only a warranty deed carries any warranty of title.Absolutely not. Only a warranty deed carries any warranty of title.Absolutely not. Only a warranty deed carries any warranty of title.

Yes. Shaw is one of the largest manufacturers of flooring in the world. They have wonderful products an excellent selection and a great warranty.

The use of an aftermarket battery shodl have no effect on the blackberry warranty.

Oakley sunglasses has a one year warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty only covers manufacturers defects not issues like scratched lenses. Alteration of products will void your warranty though.

The Henry vacuum which is better known as the Hoover vacuum comes with a generous two year manufacturers warranty. An extended warranty for this vacuum can be purchased as an extra.

I think it would be a certain amount of time for a manufacturers warranty and then if you want to buy the extended warranty, that would cost you more and you would chose how long you would like it for.

Most manufacturers offer a warranty between 30 days and one year. The retailer will often offer an extra warranty, though this usually costs extra.

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