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Thaey are made by Maybach.

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Q: Are maybach clarinets made by Yamaha?
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Where are Yamaha clarinets made?


When were the Yamaha YCL-24 Clarinets made?


When were the Yamaha ycl-20 clarinets made?

Around 1998-2006. This model is discontinued now.

Which is good brand of clarinet?

In my opinion, the top two brands for clarinets (or any other instruments) are Jupiter and Yamaha. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The top brands of Clarinets are YAMAHA and BUFFET hands down. SELMERS made in France are also great, but they are expensive and not that popular in the US.

What can clarinets be made of?

Clarinets can be made of plastic and cork or black wood

What country is the Maybach made in?


What were the clarinets made from in 1690?

Clarinets weren't invented until the 1700's

What are clarinets made of?

The most expensive clarinets are made of wood. The cheaper ones are plastic. Hope I awsered your question.

How many maybach exelero in the world?

only six maybach excellro made untill now till 2005.

What kind of materials is the clarinet made out of?

Cheap clarinets (AKA student clarinets) are generally made out of plastic and have nickel plated keys. Expensive, professional clarinets are generally made out of wood and have silver plated keys.

Where does the Yamaha YCL 250 clarinet manufactured?

I have one and contacted Yamaha to find out where mine was made. Mine was assembled in Grand Rapids, MI. I understand a lot of their student clarinets have been made there. I've heard that some are also made in Indonesia, though that might be their earlier student models. Contact Yamaha's customer service with your serial number and they should happily tell you!

What type of wood are clarinets made from?

The majority of clarinets used by professionals are made from the hardwoods grenadilla or mpingo - both originating in Africa. However, clarinets sold in stores are often made from rubber, plastic or even metal.

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