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Yes, i would say that you would be able to play with these. 5'7'' is relatively tall for a lady, and would easily be the height of some men. The lighter shafts would be ideal, and help you get the ball in the air. If you like the feel of the clubs, but feel they are too long, you can easily get them cut down by an inch or even two.

2009-05-18 21:19:01
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Do you hit a graphite-shaft golf club differently from a steel-shafted one?

If this question refers to modern graphite shafted golf clubs as opposed to the older steel shafted golf, some golfers hit graphite clubs differently than steel clubs because graphite shafts have more flexibility than seel ones. So they are a bit whippy if the golfer is strong enough to swing that hard. Near the bottom of the swing, a graphite club will have a curve to it so the club snaps a bit into the ball. That must be taken into account when striking the ball. Personally though, I do not hit graphite clubs differently than steel clubs as I hit both equally as bad.

What do you use graphite for?

Some golf clubs are made out of graphite. Golfers prefer graphite shafts rather than steel shafts because the ones made out of graphite are lighter. This leads to further shots and more yards.

How many books have been written about golf clubs?

Do you mean golf clubs, or , golf clubs ?

What clubs do golf professionals use?

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What is the name given to a group of golf clubs?

A bunch of golf clubs together is a set of golf clubs. x

Where could a person buy golf clubs?

One can buy golf clubs many places. There are many sports stores that sell golf clubs. If you want to purchase golf clubs at a store, Dick's Sporting Goods sell golf clubs. Amazon and eBay offer golf clubs online and a bigger selection.

What are American Lady golf clubs?

American Lady golf clubs are vintage golf clubs designed by Walter Hagen. The clubs are no longer in production, and many golf enthusiasts purchase them as collector's items.

What does a golf clubs set include?

A golf clubs set typically includes a total of twelve clubs including three woods and a putter. A golf clubs set also includes a golf club bag to carry all of the clubs.

How much is the average price for a set of men's golf clubs?

The average price of a set of men's golf clubs depends on the brand of the golf clubs and the number of golf clubs within the set. Taking this all into consideration, the average cost of a set of golf clubs is $700.

What are the best beginning golf clubs for women?

confidence golf clubs they are great

UndefinedMcGregor golf clubs synchrolire how much are they worth?

McGregor golf clubs

What is TP 3 golf clubs?

They are golf clubs branded "TP III"

What is a better shaft for golf clubs graphite or steel?

It depends. Generally steel shafts are used for irons and wedges whereas graphite shafts are used for woods and hybrids. If you have a slow swing speed or struggle to get the ball in the air, graphite shafts are ideal. Graphite shafts are ideal for women, juniours and seniors.

Difference between mens golf clubs and junior clubs?

The difference between the men's golf clubs and junior golf clubs is the age bracket that the golf clubs are used by players. Junior golf clubs are used by young players typically aged from 7 to 16 years old while men's golf clubs are used by adult players from 18 years old and above. These golf clubs come in different sizes and material to fit players properly.

What do you use in golf?

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How many golf clubs usually come in a set?

A standard set of golf clubs consist of 12 clubs.

Are MG Golf golf clubs a good set of clubs to get?

Do you mean MD golf clubs? MD golf clubs are a decent brand, but they are not the best on the market by any means. They are an ideal set for beginners and represent great value.

Where can one purchase golf clubs made by TaylorMade?

TaylorMade golf clubs can be purchased at GolfTown and SportCheck in Canada if one is looking for new golf clubs. Golf clubs that are already used can be purchased through Kijiji or eBay.

How to fit golf clubs?

You can't fit golf clubs at home. You will need to go to your nearest golf shop and they will do it for you.

What is the maximum number of golf clubs that can be used during a round of golf?

14 clubs

Where are ram golf clubs made?

where are ram golf clubs made country of origin

Where are MD golf clubs are made?

MD Golf clubs are amde in Northern Ireland

Who makes pro select nxt golf clubs?

Pro select golf clubs

Where to buy cheap golf clubs?

you can buy cheap golf clubs in your local walmart

Who makes golf girl clubs?

Almost all golf brands have girls clubs.