Dolphins and Porpoises

Are mermaids friends with dolphins?

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If mermaids existed they would probably be friends with dolphins but mermaids do not exist.

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Mermaids only train dolphins in fiction.

Im sorry to ruin your beliefs in mermaids but they are not real. So the answer to this question would be; No, they can not since mermaids are not real.

Whales, dolphins, fish, sharks,and mermaids. MERMAIDS ARNT REAL, ~Leemano

There are no mermaids so don't worry.

Well, considering the fact that mermaids are a mythical creature and not real, no. Dolphins do not hang out with mermaids, nor would they if they were real. Dolphins are smart enough that they have better things to do than hang around with a bunch of sea-chicks all day.

yes dolphins are our Friends

yea they do they have fish and mermANS TO GET DOWN WITH.

Pretend to be mermaids and do stuff. You could make a princess mermaid and stuff. idk.

Fish, copepods, whales, dolphins, sirens, mermaids, mermen.

Dolphin's really don't have friends other than those dolphins who are a part of the group. Dolphins hang out in groups of between 15 and 35 members.

There only true friend is them but they love to play with other dolphins so they have more that 3,0000 friends

No dolphins eat fish. Boohoo poor fishies. =[

You can't make friends with mermaids because they don't exist. They are mythological creatures.

they are best friends and also watch films together

Yes. Dolphins are very social animals who like to live in large groups

Yes, dolphins are very social. They swim in pods and communicate effectively.

Dolphins, porpoises and manatees were each mistaken for mermaids, by sailors and drowning persons they brought to safety.

You can't. Mermaids do not exist and it is impossible to become one.

their relationship is like best friends in whole world.

yes like sea flower mermaids moon mermaids pearl mermaids sun mermaids and even love mermaids

Dolphins are not friendly with sharks, and in fact have saved humans from sharks in many documented cases.

They're not. Dolphins are the only mammals on Earth besides humans that commit murder for no reason. Seriously, dolphins kill their fellow dolphins just for the f@#$ of it. Oh, and male dolphins like to rape other dolphins. Look this stuff up, I'm not joking.

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