Are middle school boys shy to talk to girls?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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when guys are shy to girls that means they like that girl.

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Q: Are middle school boys shy to talk to girls?
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Should girls go to girl school?

No, girls should go to a mixed school (boys and girls) because it will be easier for girls to talk to boys when they are older.

What do girls usually do at middle school spring flings?

If your middle school friends were like mine then they probably will dance stand off and talk about boys and hang out with their friends. i dunno that's what we did.

Do guys in middle school talk about girls a lot?

ofcourse....... they are guys, they talk about their crush alot and its natural. Girls talk about guys alot!!

Who flirts more boys or girls?

will girls because i see a lot of girls talk about makeup and nails hiar and boys will am a girl i talk about boys.

Do boys like it when girls talk to them first or is it better to wait?

Boys like it when girls they find attractive talk to them. Boys don't especially like it when girls they don'tfind attractive talk to them.

Do boys in middle school think goth girls are hot?

No most don't, they usually think goths are creepy. I'm in 8th grade and I think goth girls are the best looking, and fun to talk to. no goths are not hot to middle school guys. just get strait hair and nice teeth no goth though

Who talks more about the other gender boys or girls?

I think girls definitely talk about boys more. When ever I go to a sleepover about every boy in our school gets talked about.

Why do middle school girls like high school boys?

when i was in middle school 6 grade 11 years old i heard people talk about middle school girls 6 grade 11 years old dating high school boys 12 grade seniors 18 years old i knew them i even saw them at the malls, at the restaurants, at the movies, at the park when my parents took me, i saw them after school getting a ride in the boys cars, getting dropped off in front of their houses when i was walking by because they lived closed to school and i live closed to school too i asked them 'do y'all know each other?' and they said 'yes we're dating i knew the boys because there my dad's friends sons

What do middle school boys like in girls?

Usually if their not gay middle school boys like fit girls with big chests who aren't taller then them. I said usually so guys who read this dont get offended for stappling us out.Boys like:A girl who smells good (dont overdue it)A girl who has a sense of humorA girl that is fun and knows what to talk aboutA girl that isn't afraid to be around them when you have friends (boys love having girls who don't care what others think about them except for you only)

Do girls talk about boys?


What the differemce between girls and boys friendships?

Girls talk and analyse things, where boys do nothing!

What most guys like to talk about with there girlfriend?

no couple is the same, people talk about ALL sorts of things