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yes they are very good at fighting we're not the best team ever right now, but we WILL be back, and we were the best before Chelsea and Arsenal and the likes started money laundering, nobody else has a chance. For now. It won't last, you see, and Millwall FC will be up there with the true greats like Spurs and Everton. Up the blue and whites! UP THE LIONS!!!

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What football team does lacey turner support?


What football team does Gary Oldman support?


What is the highest attendance at wembley by a football team?


What football team has 8 letters four the same?


What football team does david walliams support?

the prevous answer was bollox a tipicall glory hunter he supports millwall

What football team is unbeaten at home in Europe?

Ipswich Town & Millwall

What English football league team has four L's in it name?


Who is the best football team in London?

The answer is Millwall FC. Come on you lions!!

Who is the closest football team to London town center?

Millwall FC

What is beyonce's favorite football team?

her favourite football team is millwall but jay-z likes Liverpool so she sort of likes Liverpool

What football team did Winston Churchill support?

Millwall FC. He made many trips to the london club after his spell in power and is said to have been a big fan.

Is leeds united a rubbish football team?

Yes they are completley poor and play football like five year olds. :d millwall are the best team ever.

Millwall football club captain?

* *

Are man united the best football team in the world?

NO,almost every team on earth is better than them- including millwall, leicester city, and accrington stanley

What was the score in the last 10 matches between millwall fc and crystal palace fc?

Football League Championship, 18-02-2006 Millwall 1-1 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 03-12-2005 Crystal Palace 1-1 Millwall Football League Championship, 26-12-2003 Crystal Palace 0-1 Millwall Football League Championship, 30-08-2003 Millwall 1-1 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 21-04-2003 Millwall 3-2 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 07-12-2002 Crystal Palace 1-0 Millwall Football League Championship, 26-12-2001 Millwall 3-0 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 08-09-2001 Crystal Palace 1-3 Millwall Football League Championship, 30-03-1996 Millwall 1-4 Crystal Palace Football League Championship, 22-10-1995 Crystal Palace 1-2 Millwall

Who are the most feared football firm?

probably millwall

Does anyone know who millwall is?

They are the best football team in the world. Best team in London! Suffering a little at the moment but will be back, you'll all see. Watch out Palace!

What are the biggest football local derbys in England?

any London team millwall , tottenham ect Bristol rovers v swindon town

Who's the hardest football fans in the U.K.?

Millwall although West Ham and Chelsea are quite hard but i'd say Millwall...

Which football team has the worst fans?

Liverpool ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Probably Millwall, whose fans are renowned for rioting, throwing missiles and pitch invading. Leeds can also be rather violent. Apologies for any Leeds/Millwall fans, I'm just stating a fact.

Which English football club had first all seater stadium?


Are millwall good?

yes of course

What football team do towie stars support?

Mark, Amy, Jess, Chloe, Harry - West Ham Mario - Tottenham Joey - Millwall Arg - Arsenal

Is Liverpool FC a good football team?

Yeah FC Livberpool is a good football team.

Which sentence is correct the football team is doing well or the football team is doing good?

'The football team is doing well!'

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