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Are primates and monkeys the same?

Monkeys are primates, but not all primates are monkeys. Primates also include lemurs, tarsiers, and apes.

Is all the monkeys primates?

Yes. Monkeys are primates

How many monkeys primates?

All monkeys are primates.

Are capuchin monkeys primates?

Humans are primates. Apes and monkeys are non-human primates.

Where is the only place in Europe where monkeys live?

Gibraltar has monkeys. they are not monkeys they are primates!! they dont have tails monkeys have tails, primates have no tail. so the new answer is Gibraltar has primates.

What kinds of monkeys are there?

There are 2 major classifications of monkeys. There are Old World and New World Primates. Marmosets and squirrel monkeys are new world primates. Old world primates are roloway and mandrill monkeys.

Are monkeys and apes primates?

no only monkeys are

What family do monkeys belong to?

Monkeys are primates.

What do they call someone who specializes in monkeys or primates?

a peraon who specilizes in monkeys or apes (primates are both monkeys and apes) is called a primateoligist

What group of mammals include the human monkeys and apes?

Primates includes monkeys, apes and humans.

Are bush baby's monkeys?

No, Bushbabies (or Galagos) are prosimian or Strepsirrhine primates. Monkeys are simian or Haplorrhine primates.

What is the general term for primates with tails?

Monkeys Monkeys

What type of animal are monkeys?

The secies the monkeys are in are primates

Are monkeys birds?

No, they are primates.

What are humans and monkeys?

Both monkeys and humans are considered primates.

Are baboons primates?

Yes they are. Monkeys, lemurs and apes are all primates.

What are three types of primates?

They are New World monkeys, Old World monkeys and apes, and prosimians, the most primitive primates

Are foxes primates?

No, foxes are not primates. Primates include man. the apes, monkeys and other similar animals.

Are monkeys animals?

Primates are animals.

What family are monkeys in?

they are primates and mammals

What groups do monkeys belong to?


What are monkeys and gorrillas called?


What primates live in the Amazon?


What group of mammals are the monkeys in?


Do spider monkeys have horns?

No. They are primates, like all monkeys, and have no horns.

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