Are most cats friendly

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Pet cats are friendly for the most part. If you get a kitten then it's the way you raise them. I have a female tabby named Molly and she's as smart as a whip and gentle as a lamb. She owns the house we live in! She loves company, kids and doesn't mind coming out strutting herself when we have guests over. I've taught her tricks (she says her prayers; sits up; flips in the air upon command, etc.) She's curious, always wants to know what is going on and loves the two dogs I have (I call them "The 3 Amigos.)

If you are adopting an older cat then handle the cat first and ask the ASPCA (U.S.) or SPCA (Canada) any history on the cat. If the cat is touchy and doesn't enjoy being handled and you are uncomfortable with it then this may not be the cat for you. However, some cats have been mistreated and just need a little TLC.

Dogs are generally more popular than cats, but cats are becoming quite popular in the last couple of years. People have this idea that cats are very independent and not as affectionate as a dog, but I've owned 3 cats in my life and can tell you that my cats have been just as lovable and comforting to me as my dogs and all of them get along together.


House Cats are very friendly, most of the time. It really depends on how you treat it. If you don't spend some time with it, it might not be very nice to you. so take very good care of it.


Most cats by nature are wary of humans, cats are very smart and know humans can be very cruel and that's why cats may run away from you in the street instead of come when you call

Cats are very friendly when they trust you, time and patience and lots of love are all it takes so if you are getting or have a new cat, give it time and lots of positive attention and praise.

My own cat was a bit of a terror in his youth and we found that he was lets say, not to everyone's taste, and not everyone was to his! And yes he seemed and possibly was unfriendly to people it was nothing to do with how much time we spent with him, I spent a lot of my time with him nor how I treated him, I loved him to bits and he knew it.

He was just a bit temperamental before and he settled in his old age and new circumstances (moving out my dads house and in with me and my boyfriend when I moved out and even we were shocked at his change- crazy mean cat who didn't like to be touched or told what to do to so lovable, loved any and all attention, and was forever cuddling us)

Where as my boy's mum's cat was the most angelic little piece of fluff ever and everyone who met her for the first time loved her and her them and she loved to be touched, even on her belly

Like people they are all different, my cat was a little misunderstood, but i got him perfectly and loved him for all his mental disabilities.

Sometimes it is to do with treatment, I do know my cousin used to play rough (not bad just rough) with my cat as a kitten before we got him and this may have contributed to his behavior but most cats can be brought around from this with love and training, and patience!

Generally cats make great companions and when they trust you will be your friend for life, but they may not be friendly with everyone you know, as with people cats can also have people who 'rub them up the wrong way' forgive the pun and they may not like them from the start, but then some may begin to trust them too with time etc.

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