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VERY. To the death.

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What are behaviors of female polar bears?

they can be very protective over their cubs and they are on alert at all times and hardworking.

How do grizzly bears raise their young?

The grizzly bear is over protective with her cubs so she stays as near to them as possible. and she usually raises the cubs for 3 years

Are leopards over protective of their cubs?

yes they are very over protective when their cubs are indangeredAnswer:The concept of overprotective is not applicable to animals. Leopards will attack and/or kill and/or eat anything that may harm their cubs. This is an apppropriate response. As humans would put it "Better safe than sorry"

How will puppies change to be more like their mother?

Protective over their territory

When does a tiger mother stops looking after her cubs?

The mother stops looking after her cubs either if she dies, or when the cubs reach physical maturity, which is 17-24 months old; they are old enough to hunt on their own and no longer need their mother's protection so they don't get it. She is very over-protective of them while they're young though; as soon as there is a disturbance or possibility of a threat in her territory, she moves them. Mothers/females with cubs are known for traveling a lot; it's because she moves her cubs at the possibility of a threat.

What do polar bear cubs eat?

polar bear cubs get milk from their mom.Polar bear cubs are nursed by their mother for 2-2.5 years. This means that their diet is made up of milk.When they are weaned, their diet becomes very similar to adult polar bears - they eat mainly seals. Sub-adults may be forced to feed on the left-over carcasses of older bears if they are to young to kill their own.

Which animals protect their young and eggs?

Birds protect their eggs from harm. (Eagles) Bears are also well know for killing humans over protection for their cubs. Kangaroos are also very protective and many other mammals. I hope i helped answer your question :)

What do bears have in common?

they're all born as cubs and raised to be giant and weighing over 200 pounds as they grow.

Do grizzly bears fight?

yes they do the males fight each other over the female the female fights against other bears to defend their cubs or home food etc

How many cubs do polar bears have?

One to two cubs are normal. Occasionally three.Females reach sexual maturity at around 4 to 5 years of age, while males do so at around 6 years of age. Cubs are born between November and February. Each litter has 2 cubs and sometimes even 3. Cubs weigh around 10 to 15 kilograms (22 to 33 pounds) at birth. Cubs stay with the mother for around 2 to 3 years of their life and then go to two cubs per seasona polar bear can have up to 1 to 2 babysPolar bears usually have about one to two cubs per season.Between November and February, cubs are born blind, covered with a light down fur, and weighing less than 0.9 kg (2.0 lb).On average, each litter has two cubs.1 to 3 cubs rarely 4Most polar bears have 1 or 2 cubs at a time over the actual polar bears lifetime it can mate several times. Polar bears will only mate if their kids are grown up or if they have no kids at all.i think they have 2 or 3They produce 3 to 4 at one timeThree polar bears every three years

Why are mother cats protective over her kittens?

As like with all animals they want their off spring to survive.

What would eat bears?

Adult bears have no predators because of their massive size and carnivorous tendencies. Bear cubs, however, may be preyed upon by other bears, wolves, or large cats (like cougars, lions, and tigers) depending on the particular species over a particular range. There are some human cultures, such as the Ainu of Japan, where bear cubs are eaten as a delicacy.

Are polar bears cubs becoming extinct?

polar bears are becoming extinct by hunters and global warming They are not becoming extinct. They have grown in numbers from a low of 800 to about 25,000 to 27,000 today. The issue was over hunting.

When does a mother polar bear stop watching over her young?

A mother polar bear would stop watching over her cubs or start to wean them off when they get to be at least one or two years old.

Why do dogs have pups and wolves have cubs?

They don't. Wolves are from the genus canis (in other words, dogs) and regardless of whether they are feral (wild) or domesticated (bred from wild over many generations) all dogs have pups, bears and lions have cubs.

Do bears live in groups packs or prides?

Bears are generally solitary animals that don't live in groups. The exception is a mother bear and her cubs, who stay together for approximately the first two years of the cubs' lives. A male and female bear will form a couple for a week or two during the mating season, but sows with young will chase away boars who get too close to her babies. Since bears are omniverous and are well-equipped with teeth, claws, strength and speed to hunt game or take over another animal's kill, they do not need the cooperation of their kind, as wolves and lions do.

Is a staffordshire bull terrier protective?

They are usually protective over people, not so much over property.

When can you hold puppies?

I'd say steer clear for a week or so. The mother can be over-protective, she can leave the puppies, or the puppies might even get hurt.

How does a mother panda act?

they act very protective over there young babies and they are also caring and nuturing unless you destroy their homes or hurt their babies.

Why do bears kill?

Bears kill to eat, they are omnivores who eat meat, fish, fruits, plants, insects, and honey, just to name some of their food preferences. Bears kill to protect their cubs. They are fierce protectors of the young. Bears kill to protect their territory. When bears kill humans, they are acting from one of these basic instincts. They see humans as prey, especially if the people are running from the bears, triggering their prey response. They see humans as potential threats to their young, just by their mere presence in the vicinity of the den or the playing cubs. And, they see humans as intruders in their territory who may try to take over their hunting, fishing, or foraging areas.

Why are cousins protective over there cousins?

Cousins are protective of cousins because they are family

Are dolphins protective?

yes dolphins are protective over humans they also protect us from drowning and shark attacks. they are also very protective over their calve, baby dolphin.

Who plays Mrs. Benson iCarly?

Mary Sheer plays Mrs. Benson who is Freddie's mom. On the show she seems like an over protective mother.

How popular are the Chicago Cubs?

The Cubs are very popular all over the Country.

Do cats get protective over their owners?

They can.