Are mountain lions in meat eaters?


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Yes, mountain lions eat meat.

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Lions are meat eaters. carnivores. They eat gazelle and stuff in Africa

Lions are strictly carnivores (meat eaters).

There are many meat eaters in the grasslands cheetahs lions...

No, lions eat the gemsbok. Gemsboks are grass-eaters(herbivores) and lions are meat-eaters(carnivores).

Sure they do. Muscles are meat, and lions are meat eaters. Humans who eat meat also eat muscles.

Yes. They eat meat .Lions eat animals that are grass eaters.

Cheetahs, Crocodiles and lions are carnivores, meat eaters.

Yes, Lions are carnivores (meat eaters)

Triceratops were plant eaters.The death eaters are here.Lions are known to be meat eaters.

lions, pirranas, tigers, humanscarnivores

They both are cats. They both are meat eaters.

Yes Mountain lions eat meat. They eat a varity of animals including deer and elk.

Lions are meat eaters and need sharp teeth to help kill there prey and to rip the meat from a carcas.

Lions are meat eaters. They will eat bugs (a kind of meat) and maggots on rotten meat.

Carnivores are meat eaters such as tigers,lions,bears,etc,.

As they are both lions and eagles it must be assumed griffins are meat eaters.

Mountain lions are obligate carnivores and eat only meat.

Lions are dangerous to humans and other animals. Basicly lions are dangerous to everything, and everyone because they are meat eaters.

because lions are meat eaters with sharp teeth

Meat eaters such as lions, eagles, are only secondary consumers

No dinosours are meat eaters,they are plant eaters.

Carnivore Is the term for meat-eaters.Meat eaters are called carnivores.

Jaguars,Mountain Lions,Giant-Eaters and Sweet Water Fish.

Lions are meat eaters. The females with hunt and bring down anything it can eat including people if they are hungry enough

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