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This is a very tricky question. It depends on the website in question and whether not they have been authorized by the RIAA to do business. To put it simply, when a music site launches they are supposed to ask the RIAA if they can do business, then they purchase licenses or rights to make the songs available for purchase. A lifetime membership fee music download site would probably not make the RIAA very happy because say you pay $1 or $1,000, over the LIFE of the membership, the profit the RIAA and its labels make per song would probably be very, very, little.

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Where can you download music with membership? ewe can download any music with out membership also

Where can you download free christian gospel christian groups music with no membership or credit card to your cellphone?

you can't download anything for free. It's illegal.

Is it illegal to download music for free?

Copyrighted music is illegal to download.Many bands have made their music publicly available and it is not illegal to download their it a legal to download song for free

Why it is not illegal to download music on the internet?

There are some music that are legal to download on the internet whereas there are others that are illegal. Music that has been shared publicly with no restrictions is usually not illegal to download on the internet.

Is it illegal to download music from a free music sharing website?

Most of the time. If you download music from websites like Limewire it is definitely illegal.

Is it illegal to download sheet music in Britain?

Sheet music that still has copyrights attached to it is illegal to download everywhere. Sheet music not protected by valid copyrights is legal to download anyywhere.

Where to download free Taylor Swift music with no membership required?, and this other website called, I believe. I might be wrong. But that's illegal!

Is it illegal to download free music?

Most likely.....most free music websites are illegal

Is it illegal to use LimeWire to download music?

If the music is copyrighted it is illegal. Yes. If the music is copyrighted it is illegal. Yes. Unless you purchase the music. In Canada it's legal.

Is download music with torrents illegal?


Is downloading music from illegal?

Downloading or uploading copyrighted material is ILLEGAL. Here is what they say on their own website. "Purchasing a membership in does not give you license to download or upload copyright material." They put the burden on you to not download any copyrighted material. That means almost all current music out there will be illegal to download. So what is the purpose of the software if you are trying to not be a thief. The majority of the music you find will be illegal. There are plenty of legal downloads available. They are mostly unknown artist looking to make it. They allow the download of their music. is one site to get free legal music. Some of it is great and some not so great. If you want to stay legal, either pay for downloads or download non copyrighted music.

Where can you download ABBA music for free?

ABBA's music is protected by copyright laws. It is illegal to download them for free.

Is it illegal to download music?

Maybe... It depends on where you are downloading the music from. Some music is free to download and it is legal, but, not all music you can download for free is legal. If you download the music from a website that you pay for each song then it is legal. If you are downloading music for free from a file sharing website then that is illegal. If you download the music from a website that has legal rights to distribute that music and they give it free of charge then it would be legal.

Is it illegal to download music from pirate bay?

Yes, just about everything there is illegal.

Is it illegal to download music you own?

its not illegal as long as its not sold without a licence

Where is music illegal to dowload?

You have to buy music, your not allowed to download music online for free.

What websites can you download free music and have no membership fee and be legal?

Can you get in trouble for downloading music onto your computer?

No troubles if the download is legal (free music or you have paid for download). But downloading illegal music may bring you troubles. It all depends. If you download illegal music like from and its illegal. If you pay for the music like on i tunes than its legal. Just look at it like this if its free its illegal. Even Some websites offer legal free Music Downloads.

If you're a paid subscriber to a music site is it illegal to download the music on to a CD?


What is illegal to download on the internet?

Any download that violates the copyright license is considered an illegal download. Downloading music, movies, books, etc, without permission from the owner of the content is illegal.

Where can you download free music and movies with no membership completely free?

You can't, legally.

Is it legal to download music from YouTube?

Downloaded music for free ANYWHERE is illegal. I do it anyway.

Is it illegal to purchase and download music then copy it?


What download sites are legal?

limewire is illegal when downloading music

How do you download music from iTunes free?

you dont. It's illegal.

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