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some are

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Q: Are music videos giving teens and preteens a thumbs up on inappropriate dress?
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What is inappropriate posting?

Putting porn sites or porn photos or porn videos on your bio, bullying, deliberately giving wrong answers, etc.

How do you report a inappropriate video on YouTube?

report inappropriate videos on youtube to the cops

What Madonna videos are inappropriate?

Justify my love

Does YouTube show inappropriate videos?

YouTube will keep some inappropriate videos on their site. However, they can only be viewed by users with accounts that qualify. You have to be 18 years old to view the flagged videos.

Is YouTube inappropriate?

While most of YouTube has appropriate content, some people do upload inappropriate videos.

What are all the smosh videos?

I believe that smosh videos are the funniest things on Some can get inappropriate.

Is YouTube inapropriate?

certain videos are inappropriate so i would say if your letting a kid on it you should watch for anything inappropriate

Why does YouTube remove videos I upload?

The video was either inappropriate or blocked.

How many inappropriate videos are on YouTube each day?


How do you give likes to youtube videos?

you need to have an account but then under a vid next to the comment section is 2 hands a thumbs up to like a video and a thumbs down for a dislike.

Why doesn't YouTube let me watch certain videos?

YouTube won't let you watch certain videos because they're inappropriate.

Is YouTube inappropreate?

YouTube itself is not inappropriate, though many videos and comments on the site are.

What is inappropriate?

Putting porn sites or porn photos or porn videos on your bio, bullying, deliberately giving wrong answers, etc.

What is the benefit in signing up for a youtube account?

You can favorite the videos that you like, dislike the videos that you don't like, upload your own videos, and if something is inappropriate you can flag it and it can be taken down. You're welcome

What percentage of music videos are inappropriate?

none of them in fact the best song ever is kush by dr.dre

Why do schools block YouTube off the computers?

Because some of the videos YouTube has are too inappropriate.

Why do they tell you to verify age on some videos on Youtube?

because it may include inappropriate film or image

Does YouTube delete videos becauce there bad?

Yes. The YouTube staff sometimes deletes videos due to inappropriate content or copyright issues. Videos are also deleted if a user is suspended for TOS violations or closes their account.

How old does your child have to use GoAnimate?

GoAnimate is an internet make your own animated movie. Some people can put violence on there GoAnimate videos. It can allow people to use bad language like the f word and the b word on there GoAnimate videos. Goanimate lets people to use content like Frequent or strong inappropriate violence , inappropriate drugs that contains alcohol and tobacco and inappropriate profanity. I am 11 years old. It does allow content like Infrequent or mild. For ages 15 and over because GoAnimate videos can allow people to add strong violence or bad language and more inappropriate stuff on there GoAnimate videos. I hope I am right.

What are the three categories of sexual harassment?

Verbal- talking dirty and/or harassing Visual- pictures, videos Physical- inappropriate touching

Advantages and disadvantages of internet?

fun gamesvideosyoutubegooglebadbad picsinappropriate languageviruses

Can you become a youtube partner using explicit lyrics?

Yes, in fact a ton of Youtube partners use inappropriate language in their videos. However, the videos must be non-copyrighted in order for your account to be partnered.

Videos of women giving birth?

The Miracle Of Life. Very graphic, too.

Does Katy Perry think it's all inappropriate the music videos and songs she sings?

no, a singer writes what they believe is best for their audience.

How old do you have to be to view YouTube videos?

Anyone can view youtube videos. If a video has been flagged for inappropriate content, however, you must have a login that says you're 18 or older. But you could just lie about your age.