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Are mustang horses an endangered species?

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Mustangs/Wild Horses are no longer domestic feral stock. After five hundred years of adaptation and nearly one hundred and fifty generations of evolving in the wild,they are no longer feral! They have become a vital component of their own individual ecosystems.


No, in a contrasting view of the former answer, it is important to remember that there may have been 2 million wild horses in America 200 years ago, but 600 hundred years ago there were none, horses are a foreign species to America and can be damaging to the local ecosystems if not managed. The Bureau of Land Management calculated that 27,000 is the limit to a manageable population, but today there are 33,000, and they have very few predators, so some are sold as meat in order to control the populations, and the profits go to keeping the organization running, meaning that it costs the tax payers very little money.


-Yes ,they are .Ranchers or farmers kill them if they get too close to his/her herd of horses.

- Yes indeed they are endangered, but they are not categorized as such! 200 years ago there 2 million wild horses in the United States but alot of them were poached and killed by farmers and hunters. In the 1970's there were over 170,000 wild horses roaming free throughout the United States.Since the inception of the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro act of 1971(Please Research Information about Wild Horse Annie)- Over 150,000 wild horses were rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management and sent to holding pens in Nevada.To this day the BLM still rounds up horses in the name of land preservation.Since the 1970's many have went to slaughter.More will follow if round ups are not stopped.The Bureau Of Land Management works hand in hand with cattle ranchers and big hunters to clear the land from wild horses because they are considered an invasive species. After the horse are cleared from a range,cattle and sheep replace them.The BLM and politicians lie to the American Public and tell them that wild horses have to be managed in order to stop overgrazing.They claim that the wild horses are starving to death due to their overpopluation and overgrazing.When in fact there is no overpopulation of wild horses. Wild horses essentially help the environment a great deal. The United States Government sells horse meat to overseas countries such as Asia,Japan,China,and Europe for human consumption and they make a big profit on our wild horses.

There are now over 45,000 wild horses in captivity awaiting adoption or slated for slaughter.The Bureau of land Management claims that the AML or Annual Management Levels are at 28,000 nationwide.It is far less..To date, the nationwide wild horse count is at an all time low of less than 20,000.The majority of wild horses are in Nevada where their numbers have dwindled to less than 14,000 statewide.The remainder of wild horses are located in Arizona,California,North Carolina's Shackleford Banks,Maryland's Assateaque Island and Wyoming.


Yes, wild horses are much more endangered than they were a few years ago. we have to pretect these amazing creatures before the disappear from the face of the earth

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Horses are not an endangered species, there are many thousands of horses in the world.

What were the first three horses that all horses have in them?

main species; arab przewalski mustang

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No. They aren't a species, but a breed. And there are plenty of thoroughbreds.

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Is mustang horses in Australia endangered?

Mustangs, as in the feral type, are not found in Australia; that would be a Brumby. Like Mustangs, they are not endangered and their numbers are regulated by the government.

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Horses themselves are not endangered but certain species are. Australia is home to the most wild horses in the world. They are brumbies, they are an official breed however, the other small percentage of wild horses in the world are not so popular. It is mainly the wild horses that are endangered because domestic horses are in the care of humans, have vets and a properly fed.

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Yes they are an endangered species due to global warming and overpopulation

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Can mustang horses jump?

Yes, but not in competition. Mustang horses can jump and they can compet because i compete on my mustang

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no horses were never endangered

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Yes, sea horses are endangered

How fast are mustang horses?

When Mustang horses walk its about 2 MPH. Also when Mustang horses run walk its about 15 MPH. And when a Mustang horse runs it's about 25-45 MPH.

What colors are mustang horses?

Mustang horses can be found in nearly every color seen in domestic breeds of horses.

Are bats endangered species?

Some species of bat are endangered. Some species of bat are endangered. Some species of bat are endangered.

Is the Akhal-Teke horses endangered?

The Akhal Teke horse is native to the country of Iran. This species is currently endangered and there have been efforts to conserve it.

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no they are not endangered.

Are horses endangered?

Domestic horses as a whole are not endangered, but some varieties of horse are. The Przewalski's Horse is listed as an "endangered" species by the US Fish and Wildlife Services, or the US FWS Endangered Species List. They were posted as endangered in 1976. They are also protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, or CITES, under appendix I. According to the International Union of Conservation for Nature, or the IUCN Red List, the Przewalski's Horse, or the Mongolian Wild Horse, and the African Wild Ass are both listed as "critically endangered", while the Asiatic Wild Ass, and the Grevy's Zebra are listed as "endangered". The Zebra and the Wild Ass are in the same scientific genus "Equus" as the horse, but most people don't refer to them as horses.No they are not.Some breeds are scarce but they are not endangered

What are mustang horses named after?

their named as their species goes and how the other people have named them probably when the first mustang was born!! well, im not so sure put they could probably be named as their species goes and hoe all the other people called them when mabye the first mustang was born!!!

Is there any endangered species of horses?

Yes, there is one, Equus ferus przewalskii(Przewalski's Wild Horse), is critically endangered. None are thought to be left in the wild.

Why save the przewalski's horse?

Saving endangered species is a measure of mankind's interest in the preservation of the natural world. Preserving the last true wild horses has the same value as the preservation of any other endangered species.

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No, they are not endangered species.

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a slogan about endangered species

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