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Definitely!Definitely! They are very secretive about many things, but feel entitled to invade your privacy in a heartbeat. AnswerUmmmm..... they are very very very adept at living separate lives. They experience no guilt. No remorse. No empathy. Their lives are built on extracting attention and energy from other people and activities. That's pretty much ALL THEY DO. My N had complete and separate other lives...... they were consuming him. There was very little left for his family and he'd still be living that way if I didn't flat jump straight up in the air and file for a divorce..... so entitled to these lives did he feel. He's still trying to figure out how to keep it all.

I must say this..... his parents were defending him.... even when I told them what he was doing. And it was BAD. So convincing was he that they didn't believe a word I told them and, indeed, blamed me for any faults they couldn't explain away. He's entrenched, with the help of his family and friends. They, N's, spend their lives buiding support around themselves. His mother, in particular, has some strange negative behavior patterns I don't understand. I don't have to figure out what exactly caused his developmental problems.... ::ahem:: but she's a BIG RED FLAG flying in the face of that question, now.... isn't she? Tremusan

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What sentence can go with the word adept?

He is adept at working with cars. Adept means practiced or skilled

Are Narcissists naturally adept at serious mind control techniques or do they work to learn it?

You would think that at age 6 they are handed a hand book on how to be a Narcissists. But it is a Illness with criteria. The mind control is a learned defense. Since they never mature past 6, they have plenty of time to perfect their ways of control. If you know one leave them. If they are your parent I am very very sorry.

Sentence for adept?

The boy was very adept in woodworking.

What is a sentence for adept?

The magician must practice constantly to become adept. The contortionist was very adept. I'm relieved that the driver was so adept at maneuvering the bus through traffic.

How do you put the word adept in a sentence?

My teacher is an adept person

When was Adept Technology created?

Adept Technology was created in 1983.

Adept in a sentence?

The midshipman proved himself adept at directing the crew.

What is the difference between adapt adept and adopt?

adopt adapt adept

How do you write a sentence with the word adept in it?

You are very adept at asking question.

How would you use the word adept in a sentence?

He was an adept baseball player.

Is adept a noun?

Yes, the word 'adept' is a noun and an adjective.The noun 'adept' is a word for a person who is very skilled at doing something or who knows a lot about something.The adjective 'adept' describes a noun as one who is skillful at doing something.The noun form for the adjective adept is adeptness.

When was Adept - comics - created?

Adept - comics - was created in 1986.

How do you use adept in a sentence?

From Latin, ad (for) plus aptus (fit or qualified); combining form. Sentence use; 'she is very adept at swimming'; he is adept at math.

How do you block up the hole in virtual villagers 4?

You must have a person who is Adept in Science and in Building. Like one person in an Adept Scientist and an Adept Builder.

What is a sentence using the word Adept?

Introduction children are remarkably adept at learning new verbal information. After years of living in China, he was adept at most of the greeting customs.

Use adept in a sentence?

After attending culinary school, she was adept at creating meals in a matter of minutes.

How can you use adept in a sentence?

The athletic soccer star was adept in footwork, faking around his opponents.

What is a good sentence for the word adept?

I am very adept at tedious jobs that other people hate to do.

Can a person be an adept?

The noun form is not as frequently used as the adjective, meaning proficient, or highly skilled. Examples : He was an adept in martial arts. (noun) He was adept at martial arts. (adjective)

What is the opposite of Inept?

The general opposite of inept is adept.Also deft, skilled, capable, or competent.Adept

Can you give a sentence using the word adept?

This girl is adept in programming, she can code anything in record time.

What does adept mean?

The adjective adept means to be very good or proficient at something, highly skilled. (The noun form is less frequently used, a master or someone proficient.)Examples :"She is adept in math and science.""He was quite adept at making excuses for his tardiness.""The mayor was an adept in local politics."(*The capitalized form relates to various mystical fiction. See the related link.)

On virtual villagers how do you make a adept farmer a master farmer?

The only way to make an adept farmer, or scientist, or adept ANYTHING, into a master, is by having them do the action that requires the skill you want to train them in.

How do you use the word adept in a sentence?

The noun form is not as frequently used as the adjective, meaning proficient, or highly skilled. Examples : He was adept at martial arts. (adjective) He was an adept in martial arts. (noun)

What are some antonyms for the word inept?

Adept, able, skilled, fit.Adept, skilled, adroit, useful, helpful, clever...