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This is not a very answer-able question, because all relationships depend on only two things - the two people involved. I happen to have a brother-in-law who is successfully married and his wife works in the same office as him. I also know people who found that working together just didn't work out and either had to separate or find different workplaces to resolve the issue. One main reason why couples continue to work together is because after marriage there is more responsibility, especially if there are children, and job stability becomes very important.

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Q: Are office marriages always successful and why would couples still work together if they're not?
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Love always seems to win out, but depending on the culture (arrange marriages) these marriages can be successful and last a lifetime.

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Marriage is based on trust and open and honest communication. Some people choose to try to save their marriages, but aren't always successful. If couples can't solve their problems themselves and refuse help, they should get divorced ASAP.

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no, some people fall in love and get married but then realize it wont work because of there problems whether its money or family issues.

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The fights. A great many marriages will eventually fail, and will result in divorce, which is frequently an expensive and emotionally painful experience. Even in the case of marriages that do not end in divorce, it is not unusual that the married couple are not happy together, even if they are not so unhappy that they wish to suffer the ordeal and inconvenience of divorce. Living together for the rest of your life is a huge commitment. People often discover that they have a variety of differences of opinion that they did not know about when they got married, and married couples can argue about literally anything and everything. For any family decision, such as, let us say, the choice of a new couch for the living room, it is always possible for the husband to have a different preference than the wife. Such disagreements may or may not resolve in a friendly manner. And beyond that, many married couples run into the more serious problem of infidelity. People have extramarital affairs, which often destroy marriages.

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cause you don't always want to be with that person ANSWER: Marriages can go both ways, get stronger or problems will pop up. One reason why some marriages fails is because one spouse will get comfortable with the life that he or she have. One spouse will take advantage of the wife or husband. Communication between man and wife stop, pleasing each others becomes lesser, or being inspired is not there anymore. We can have a lot of reason why some marriages fail, especially if couples do not work on improving their relationship..

Why marriages last for over 30 years?

Most marriages last for 30 years or more because the couple have good communication skills; stick together through any sort of problems that may arise in the marriage (isn't always easy) but when one loves another it's not such a difficult task. There is always an answer to any given problem if both couples communicate and support each other. I've been married almost 38 years and have been to some Wedding Anniversaries where the couple has been married 50 or 60 years. There is a low percentage of couples that stay together out of habit and convenience, but still get along. Most, thankfully still love each other. Unfortunately, we live in a new generation of 'things come too easy and if it doesn't work then cheat or move on.' Marriage isn't for sissies!

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How do you enroll in the Married army couples program?

Start with your company clerk or battalion S-1 office. This is a personnel action, and these offices can prepare the DA 4187 for the married couples program. Remember that there is no guarantee that you will always be assigned together. Assignments are dictated by the needs of the Army first, your preferences second.

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Why do some couples stay together after one partner has cheated?

* This is because they care for their name in the society .To prevent this they still stay together. * Although cheating is a low and demeaning act towards a partner it can be caused by problems in the marriage, but with good communication skills some marriages can be saved, but the percentages are low. Because a person cheats does not mean they do not love their partner, but there is something the cheater needs they aren't getting at home. In many cases once a person cheats on their mate that bond of trust is gone and they will always be suspicious of their partner's actions. Some couples stay together because they may have a business venture together and a divorce could be complicated or, the person that is cheated on would rather put up with their spouse cheating because they don't have enough confidence to strike out on their own and make a life for themselves so it's more comfortable for them to put up with the cheating. There are some couples that both cheat and can live with it and others that stay together for the sake of the children.

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You and your husband are always fighting what should you do?

Go to couples counseling to resolve your problems.

How do you stay married?

ANSWER:Good question, how? work the relationship together, never hide anything from each others, love each others, always be passionate to each others, always give what your love desires and vice versa. There are tons of way for couples to be happy, and stay together, all we have to do is do it, show it, and most of all be there for each others.