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Are old Crescent shotguns safe to shoot?

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Some are, some aren't. If it has Damascus or Laminated steel barrels, do not shoot it. They were never intended for modern powder. Fluid steel or later production barrels may be safe, but if there is rust, dents, or other signs of high wear do not try it until after it has been inspected by a competent gunsmith.

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How do you tell if an old shotgun is safe to fire?

Get your brother in law to shoot it for you.

Chicago Arms Co shotgun Model A-G?

Slide action shotguns with the name CHICAGO ARMS CO were made by the Marlin Fire Arms Company for and were sold by either the Fred Biffar & Co or Sears Roebuck & Co both of Chicago,IL. The gun is the same as Marlin Model 26A. Do not attempt to shoot this gun!!! Marlin has put out a company bulletin advising that these old Marlin slide action shotguns are not safe to shoot.

I recently inharited a double barrel American Gun Company 20 gauge from my grandfather It is in desent condition I am wondering is it capable of firing todays rounds Value of gun One hammer replaced?

Crescent gun co made shotguns under the name of American gun co. The problems is "How old is the shotgun?" Old shotguns where designed to shoot black powder at a much lower barrel pressure than today's gun powder. Old shotguns may literally explode if the wrong powder is used. I suggest that you take it to a gun shop and have them examine it to tell you the condition of the rifle and what shot you can use with it.

How old is a victor ejector American gun company 12 gauge serial number 322878?

Victor shotguns were made by crescent firearms from 1904 to 1920. You can assume your shotgun is at least 90 +/- years old.

When and where were Hamilton shotguns made?

Answer This answer was borrowed from a thread on the GunBroker.com website. The answer was posted by a gentleman who is a collector of old shotguns. I do not claim authorship nor authoritative knowledge. There were two "WH Hamilton" shotguns. From c.1875-1883 or so, the shotguns were imported from Belgium. They were external hammer shotguns of average quality for the time. In the early 1900s, Thomas Leary was an active importer of these guns, now made by Dumoulin with the WH Hamilton tradename. They were similar to the earlier ones, but with some engraving on the locks. The WH Hamilton tradename was finished when Leary closed up in 1904. Dumoulin may have continued until the 1930s. As you read so often in posts regarding these old guns, it is absolutely NOT safe to shoot with any type of modern ammunition.

How old is the 410 victor ejector crescent fire arms co shotgun with genuine armory steel and serial number 635570 is or has it been modified or changed?

It was never documented when Crescent Firearms made these single shot .410 gauge shotguns.It should be noted that these shotguns were made with a 12in.barrel.Under today,s laws these short barreled single shot shotguns are considered illegal if they were not registered with BATFE and be subject to seizure.

What year was this 12 gauge Victor Ejector serial number 360352 made. Any idea if there is any historical value. It appears to be an old piece of junk?

the Victor line of shotguns were made by Crescent Firearms Company, circa 1904-1920 Crescent was a sub contractor for many different shotgun distributors........... Crescent firearms were not high on collectors list..................

What is the history of T Barker shotguns?

Not really much history. It was a brand name used by Sears Roebuck in the early 1900's. They were manufactured by Crescent Arms and possibly a few other US makers, but most were inexpensive Belgian imports. More information contributed by others: * I found from the Illinois State Museum section "Harvesting the River," that the T. Barker was sold in 1897 by Sears for $11.97. They're example was seized during the Taylor Mine Wars. My question is: Are the laminated barrels safe to shoot modern ammo? * If it has laminated barrels, it was probably proofed for black powder. There are people who shoot these old shotguns, but they load their own shells to 1900 specifications. Using a box of WalMart shells would be like driving your Model T down the Interstate at 75.

Who made an old 12 gauge shotgun marked Carolina?

Crescent, Davenport, and Harrington & Richardson all made guns with the Carolina Arms name for Smith-Wadsworth Hardware Co c. 1900. But no one made an OLD one, they were all made as NEW shotguns.

How old are the Genuine armory steel choke bored shotguns single shot stamped Genuine Armory Steel?

these were mainly produced by Crescent arms in new york and were made between 1902 and 1918 genuine armory steel refers to the barrel not being made of damascus they were inexpensive feild grade shotguns and are still usable with light loads

How old is the Royal Crescent?

The Royal Crescent in Bath, England was built between 1767 and 1774.

What has the author L R Crescent written?

L. R. Crescent has written: 'In old Belfast'

Who made Central Arms double shotguns and approximately how old are they?

WH Davenport c. 1878-1890, Crescent Firearms c. 1893-1930, J. Stevens Arms c. 1930-1945. They were distributed by Shapleigh Hardware of St Louis.

What is the value of a Rohm RG10 22 cal pistol serial number 536481?

rohm is an old German import. no value and not too safe to shoot.......

Is an old Winchester model 1911 SL safe to shoot with modern ammo?

Have it checked over by a competent gunsmith. Good luck finding ammunition.

Where can you search for the history of a shotgun by serial number?

12 gauge double barrel dual hammers on top serial #370943,how old is it,will it be safe to shoot

What is the value of an old 12 gauge Crescent single shot?

any Item Is only Worth What one person will give & another person will take at any given time & place Butch That is a true statement, but not very informative. The Crescent single shot shotguns are selling from around $25 for a parts gun to maybe $75-$100 in top condition. sales@countrygunsmith.net

What are Oxford Arms shotguns?

Oxford Arms Company was a trade name used by the Crescent Firearms Company on shotguns made for the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky, c. 1890-1920. It will not have a serial number. I have an Oxford 16 gauge side-by-side. It has a serial number. Take the barrels off and it is in the slot that holds the barrels. Sorry, Danny, I should have said it MAY not have a serial number. Even if there is one, There are no records available to date these old utility grade shotguns.

How old do you have to be to own a gun in Tennessee?

At least 18 for rifles and shotguns.

What are facts about American Gun Company Damascus 28 gauge shotguns?

American Gun Company was a trade name used by Crescent Firearms for H.D. Folsom at their retail outlets. Make sure you have it checked by a gunsmith before you shoot modern shells with those Damascus barrels. Jay Gentry Shotgunworld.com yellopops - How old is your friend? If he's over 200 years old, you may be wrong. 28 guage has been used since the days of muzzle-loading guns and is still being made.

How many times a month does a crescent moon happen?

That depends on whether your refering to a waxing crescent (new crescent), or a waning crescent (old or fading crescent moon). A new crescent, which appears on the right side, or lower right side of the moon can happen up to twice in a month. A waning crescent, which will appear on the left side, can be seen around to 5 times in a month.

How old is your crescent shot gun?

Crescent Fire Arms Co.was in business from 1888-1931.If yours has a damascus twist barrel/or barrels then it was made prior to 1903.These were meant for Black powder shotgun shells only.If they are fluid steel,or nickel steel barrels then it was made sometime from 1904-1931.Most early type black powder shotguns will have a exposed hammer/or hammers on them.

How old is Essex guns?

There never was an Essex. The Essex shotgun was made by Crescent Arms for the Belknap Hardware Co of Louisville KY. Crescent made guns for just about any Hardware Co. (thus the name "Hardware gun)or retailers that wanted to have a shotgun made.Crescent made good quality, inexpensive side by side and single Bbl shotguns and was founded in 1883. They were bought by the H&D Folsom Arms Company of New York, importers and distributors of firearms and sporting goods.After the purchase of Crescent, the Folsom Company was able to offer a complete range of shotguns, imported English French, Belgium and American made Crescents. By the turn of the century Crescent Arms produced huge quantities of “Hardware Guns” it produced guns under direct contract to distributors, mail order housed and hardware distributors with any brand name the customer requested. Crescent also produced guns for its parent company, as Folsom house brands that were sold to customers that did not want their own brand name.By the late 1890's Crescent was producing basically five grade of dbl bbl shotguns offering a model for most tastes. The Crescent /Folsom Arms Company continued this type of business until 1930 when it merged with Davis Warner Arms Corp and became the Crescent-Davis Arms Corp. In 1932 they were bought by Stevens Arms Company.

American Gun Co 12 gauge double barrel?

The American Gun Company was the "house brand" of H&D Folsom Sporting Goods, New York City, c. 1895-1930. The guns were manufactured by Crescent Arms, Norwich, Connecticut. Their single barrel shotguns sold for less than $10 when new. Their double barrel shotguns sold for $10-$15 when new. Old trade-name shotguns are not generally collected and not safe with modern ammunition, so are valued solely as a mantle ornament. The value of these guns if they are broken, badly worn, or rusty is less than $50. In like-new condition, it might be over $200. In "average" condition, it would probably be about $125.

1901 wedgeway arms co shotguns need information on wedgeway arms single shot shotguns over 100 years old?

want to know where the wedgeway arms company was and what one of their single shot shotguns would be worth

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