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The carbon footprint of a car is primarily its gas use efficiency meaning the number of miles it will travel per gallon of gas. Since all cars, old and new, burn gasoline and produce carbon dioxide to move the car, the more miles you get per gallon translates to fewer gallons of gas used to move the car. This applies to straight gas cars and hybrids (not plug in hybrids) since they all get their primary energy from gasoline.

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Why do you need to reduce your carbon footprint?

cabon footprints are increase the global warming. because reduce carbon footprint is very important

What you can say about people from footprints?

It is important to reduce the value of carbon footprint.

How does carbon footprint effect ozone layer?

Carbon footprints is the carbon emission in an area. It causes ozone depletion.

Are carbon footprints the same size around the world?

No. A carbon footprint is highly correlated with per capita usage of fossil fuel. The United States has one of the largest carbon footprints. Many African nations have very tiny carbon footprints.

Why is carbon footprint good?

A carbon footprint is "the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person." Greenhouse gases can be emitted through transport, land clearance, and the production and consumption of food, fuels, manufactured goods, materials, wood, roads, buildings, and services. For simplicity of reporting, it is often expressed in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide, or its equivalent of other GHGs, emitted.The concept name of the carbon footprint originates from ecological footprint discussion. The carbon footprint is a subset of the ecological footprint and of the more comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).An individual's, nation's, or organization's carbon footprint can be measured by undertaking a GHG emissions assessment. Once the size of a carbon footprint is known, a strategy can be devised to reduce it, e.g. by technological developments, better process and product management, changed Green Public or Private Procurement (GPP), carbon capture, consumption strategies, and others.The mitigation of carbon footprints through the development of alternative projects, such as solar or wind energy or reforestation, represents one way of reducing a carbon footprint and is often known as Carbon offsettingThe main influences on carbon footprints include population, economic output, and energy and carbon intensity of the economy. These factors are the main targets of individuals and businesses in order to decrease carbon footprints. Scholars suggest the most effective way to decrease a carbon footprint is to either decrease the amount of energy needed for production or to decrease the dependence on carbon emitting fuels.

What is a carbon footprint rap?

carbon footprint

What is a carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment, and in particular climate change. It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced in our day-to-day lives through burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation etc.(The amount of greenhouse gas released by an organism.)The carbon footprint is a measurement of all greenhouse gases we individually produce and has units of tonnes (or kg) of carbon dioxide equivalent.Carbon footprints:A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that one person or one activity creates. It is suggested as a measure of how much damage on the environment that something has. The carbon footprint for a bottle of water would add up the negative environmental impact of manufacturing plastic bottles and truck emissions for delivering the water. Your house would have a carbon footprint. Some activities have an indirect carbon footprint by removing "carbon sinks", i.e. removing things that would remove carbon dioxide. The most obvious ones are the massive deforestation going on in many tropical areas through slash-and-burn agriculture, mining, etc.Reducing carbon footprints: You could lower the carbon footprint of your house by doing things like using CFL lighting and energy efficient appliances, and adding insulation. There are websites that help you determine carbon footprints. It is also possible to reduce net carbon footprint by adding plants which absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to the atmosphere.

What is the practical purpose of carbon footprint?

It measures how much carbon you, or a company, or a school emits or is responsible for. So you are then able to take practical measures to reduce this. In some places large carbon footprints are taxed.

How much damage do carbon footprints cause?

Things with large carbon footprints do damage to the earth by releasing large amounts of carbon. Things with small carbon footprints do little damage.A carbon footprint is just a number, telling you how much carbon is produced in the making, producing, transporting and using of a certain thing. This thing could be a car, or a bottle of beer, or a tin of vegetables, or your house, or even you.For example, the carbon footprint of a tin of vegetables that was produced on the other side of the world would consider the collection, transport, cooking and canning of the crop. It would then factor in the cost of transportation half way round the world, by ship, air, truck and perhaps your own vehicle. Compare this to vegetables grown in your own garden, or at least in your own local area.So an item with a large carbon footprint releases more carbon into the atmosphere, adding to the greenhouse gases already there, and contributing to global warming, much more than an item with a small carbon footprint.

What is the definition of the carbon footprint?

Carbon Footprint - A measure of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through fossil fuel combustion. A carbon footprint is often expressed as tons of carbon emitted on an annual basis. See Environmental Footprint.

What are carbon footprints made up of?

A carbon footprint is not an object, it is a way of calculating how much your activities contribute to the burden of global warming. Your carbon footprint would include:the carbon dioxide fro ythe fuels yu burnmethane from the cows producing your meattreees cut down by your paper purchasesmethane from waste sites you contribute toetc.

What affects the size of carbon footprints?

The more carbon you emit into the atmosphere, the bigger your footprint. Sometimes you can make choices that affect your footprint, such as choosing to walk, ride a bike, drive, or fly in an airplane, or choosing to buy food and products produced locally rather than from far away.

A firm's carbon footprint is?

A firm's carbon footprint is an indication of the firm's environmental impact. The carbon footprint measures the firm's impact on global warming.

What s carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide of anthropogenic activity released in the atmosphere.

What is the carbon footprint of a rocket?

The carbon footprint of a rocket is the amount of carbon emission it leaves behind. It is the impact it has on the Earth.

Where can one find a carbon footprint calculator?

There are many places to find a carbon footprint calculator. The Environmental Protection Agency offers a carbon footprint calculator on their website.

Do cars produce a carbon footprint?

Yes. Your carbon footprint is the measure of how much carbon dioxide equivalent you, or any of your activities produce. A car burns petrol (gasoline) so its use has a carbon footprint.

What factor is used to measure carbon footprint?

Carbon footprints are measured in terms of their ability to trap heat in the atmosphere, as related to carbon dioxide. The unit of measurement is grams equivalent of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour (gCO2e/kWh). For example nitrogen trifluoried is 17000 times as able to trap heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, so a gram of nitrogen trifluoride has a carbon footprint of 17000 gCO2e/kWh.Or you could use a carbon calculator.

How do solar panels impact on your carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint measures the amount of carbon dioxide that you and your lifestyle are responsible for. Riding a bicycle keeps your carbon footprint low. Driving a big car raises your carbon footprint. Using solar panels means that some or all of your electricity is being renewably generated, that is, without greenhouse gas emissions. This is good for your carbon footprint and good for the world!

How does carbon footprint affect the environment?

Carbon footprint, as defined by Wikipedia is "is "the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event or product" [1] or the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. Less carbon footprint will affect the earth because the earth will be cooler if there is less carbon footprint.

What is part of a person's carbon footprint?

The amount of carbon dioxide emissions from transport each day is part of a person's carbon footprint.

What are the gases from carbon footprints possibly causing?

Greenhouse gasses, the gasses that are Sid to have carbon footprints, cause global warming.

What is a footprint calculator?

Footprint calculator can be carbon footprint calculator or ecological footprint calculator, which can give data about your impact on environment.

How many syllables does carbon footprint have?

The phrase 'carbon footprint' has four syllables. (car-bon foot-print)

Why do all products have a carbon footprint?

All products have carbon footprint because they all require something to make them and to make that you need to start out with elements and that takes away from the earth so that is your carbon footprint.