Are organic compounds flammable or combustible?


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Many are. Hydrocarbons as a class.


is methane and is combustible.

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Organic compounds are more combustible than inorganic compounds.

Usually the answer to this will be Organic compounds.

Usually the answer to this will be Organic compounds.

Typical organic compounds are combustible by their nature (they contain carbon). However halogenated organic compounds range from less-flammable to inflammable. Halogens used to be common in fire extinguishers and are quite effective in this capacity, but halogen fire extinguishers are now either illegal or are being retired in many countries due to the halogen's tendency to destroy the earth's ozone layer.

Most of the organic compounds are solids, combustible, non polar and insoluble in water.

All organic compounds are flammable; the most important here are the volatile compounds.

Not flammable at room temperature, but combustible.

Organic compounds are usually flammable having a low flash point.

Plastics are polymers of organic compounds so contain carbon and hydrogen as the basic elements and all such compounds are flammable.

Phosphorus is combustible which means that it is flammable.

Both flammable and combustible mean apt to burn.

none cares about the answeractually someone cares you know.. organic compounds tend to be flammable than organic compounds just like ethanol

Because paper is a mixture of compounds and most are organic, as cellulose.

Flammable catches on fire. Combustible explodes. Boooyah!

organic compounds contain C; H and other elements they form bonds in organic compounds which are less stable as compare to their oxides so to achieve the stability they burn and form stable oxides with oxygen of air....

All the organic compounds contain carbon but the most stable compound of carbon is carbon dioxide (and finally carbonate) on combustion carbon of organic compound is converted into carbon dioxide to gain the stability therefore organic compounds are inflammable.

It is highly flammable.

Paper is more highly flammable. Paper contain organic compounds as cellulose which are very flammable.

Magnesium is flammable; the combustion produce magnesium oxide.

Most of the organic compounds are inflammable because the carbon present in the compound tends to form the carbon dioxide because it is a very stable form of carbon.

it is not flamable but im not sure about the corrsive or combustible

Technically yes, all organic compounds are flammable however you have to expose it to extremely high temperatures in order to actually light it on fire.

Flammable, combustible, corrosive: not determined, but very probable not. Einsteinium is a moderate reactive metal.

Yes, it can. Flammable or combustible means that it can catch on fire. Anything that can catch on fire is hazardous to one degree or another.

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