Are orthodox churches Church of England churches?

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No, Orthodox churches are where persons of Greek or Russian Orthodox faith worship. Like the Church of England, the Orthodox also separated from the Roman Catholic Church on matters of doctrine.
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What is the Church of England?

The Church of England is Englands Protestant state denominational established church known for it's encourgement of individual responsiblity and moderate views on moral issues. The Queen is head of the Church with the Archbishop of Canterbury in charge of day to day management..

What is Church of England?

Anglican Catholic Answer! The Body of Christ. Historically, the Church is, or was the Catholic Church in England. It was brought here by S. Simon Zelotes, very early on after Christ's crucifixion, Albanicus the Wise, a Celtic Historian suggests 37 AD as a probable time! Alford, the Roman Histor ( Full Answer )

What is an orthodox church?

An Orthodox Church is a Church that is not under the authority ofthe Pope, but, still has Apostolic Succession. Like the CatholicChurch, they trace their origins to the very beginnings ofChristianity.

What is the Orthodox Church?

Orthodox can have two meanings. One being to do with Doctrinal Correctness, and the other referring to A group of quasi-National churches divided on the basis of nations, states and rites all loosely affiliated under various patriarchs. Orthodox in the doctrinal sense simply means that a church t ( Full Answer )

When did the Ukrainian Orthodox Church separate from the Greek Orthodox Church?

The question calls forth degrees of answer.. Both the Greek (Byzantium)and Ukrainian (Kyiv) Churches claim the activity of an apostle on their territory: St. Andrew. Greece proper was also served by St. Paul.. A church matures by apostoloic activity or eveangelization to produce believers, then a ( Full Answer )

What does Orthodox stand for in the Eastern Orthodox Church?

Orthodox means unchanged and unaltered during the entirety of its existence. The word is made up of two Greek words 'ortho' (meaning correct) and 'doxa' (meaning glory or worship). So it is the correct worship of God.

Is the Church of England the Protestant church?

The Church of England is one of many protestant churches in England. . Historically, I would deny the above claim, because the C.of E, based its beliefs on the Revelation of Christ, Scripture and The fathers in Council. [Tradition.] Sadly in about 1994 the C.of E, abandoned the Holy tradition and ( Full Answer )

Can orthodox marry protestant in church?

\nGenerally this is not allowed, as the Orthodox Church only accepts marriage between Orthodox Christians as the correct way. However, especially in Western countries, some Orthodox Churches will allow a mixed marriage to take place, for example between an Orthodox and a Catholic or Protestant, so l ( Full Answer )

When to baptise baby in orthodox church?

Answer Typically, most babies are baptized after 40 days old, however there is no particular age limit. A baby, child or adult can be baptized at any age.

How does The Orthodox Church view The Bible?

The Orthodox Church views the Holy Bible as being very important, and equal with the Holy Tradition. The Holy Scriptures are a collection of Books of the New Testament that come out of the Holy Tradition (the unwritten and oral tradition) of the Early Christian Church. The Bible did not just appear ( Full Answer )

How big is the Orthodox church?

The Orthodox Church currently has over 300 million followers world-wide, most of whom are in Russia. Depending on which statistics are taken into account, the Orthodox Church is also the second-largest or third-largest Christian Church in the world. The largest group being the Roman Catholics and, d ( Full Answer )

Who is the founder of The Orthodox Church?

The Orthodox Church was founded by the apostles of Jesus Christ. Prior to the Great Schism in 1054, which separated the West from the rest of the church, the Orthodox Church was the only Christian church.

What are the books of the Eastern Orthodox Church?

The Eastern Orthodox Church uses the Bible. The books in their Canon are slightly different than that of the Roman Catholic, but they also use 3 Maccabees, Psalm 151, and 1 Esdras.

How did the church in England become the Church of England?

King Henry viii and his marrige to Catherine of Arogon not of producing a male succesor was tactfully and planningly seduced by Anne Bolyne who convinced the King to marry her and divorce Catherine of Aragon who was the Queen of England at that time,\n. \nThe Divorce Led England and its king He ( Full Answer )

Is the Church of England a Protestant church?

No, it's Anglican. Answer Though not part of the Protestant movement in Germany and Scandinavia when it was set up by Henry VIII it was declared a 'protestant' Church (small 'p') in that it protested against the Church of Rome an rejecte papal authority. History books will always affirm that whe ( Full Answer )

What are orthodox churches?

Orthodox churches are churches that believe in Eastern Orthodoxy. Eastern Orthodoxy is the second largest group of Christians in the world, with Roman Catholics first.

What are church of England churches like?

I go to a c of e church and I can safely say they are just like catholic churches except everything is spoken in English (not latin). Every church is different e.g some have childrens Sunday schools and some don't but in most the order would go like so: People enter and sit in pews, Vicar starts ser ( Full Answer )

What was the Eastern Orthodox Church based on?

it was based on the New Testament church founded by Jesus Christ in 33 AD. From there, the church spread to all parts of the world until the year 1054 AD, when there was a split or schism and this caused the two groups to be known as Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox from that period onwards.

Who is the prophets of the Greek orthodox church?

Eastern Orthodoxy is a Christian denomination (it is the second largest, in fact, with Roman Catholicism first). Thus, the prophets are all the Christian prophets written about in the Old Testament. For example: Moses, Abraham, Ezekiel, etc.

What is the difference between church of England and greek orthodox church?

Easy! The Orthodox Church was instituted by Christ and His Holy Apostles, to bring the Gospel and salvation to the human race. The Church of England was started as a breakaway from the Roman Catholic Church by King Henry VIII because the Pope wouldn't give Henry a divorce. Since that time, the reign ( Full Answer )

Was the first church Catholic or Orthodox Church?

Neither... The first church was Jewish. ... and Both. The early Christian Church was both catholic (universal) and orthodox (right-teaching). The term Orthodox Church was used first to distinguish the Christian Church from various gnostic groups. The term Catholic Church was used first t ( Full Answer )

Is the Serbian Orthodox Church Jewish?

No, it is part of The Orthodox Church (Christianity), and it is notJewish. In fact, there is no such thing as a Jewish church.

What are the 12 churches under the Orthodox Church?

There are not 12, but 15 autocephalous (self-governing) Eastern Orthodox Churches, all of which are in communion with each other. They are: 1) Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, 2) Patriarchate of Alexandria, 3) Patriarchate of Antioch, 4) Patriarchate of Jerusalem, 5) Moscow (Russian) Pat ( Full Answer )

Is the orthodox church still around?

Yes, of course. The Orthodox Church was founded by Jesus Himself in the year 33 AD, on the Day of Pentecost. According to Orthodox Christian beliefs, the Orthodox Church has always existed from the beginning of time (called the Church Triumphant) but the physical church on earth (called the Church M ( Full Answer )

Is the Greek Orthodox church a christian church?

Yes NOt only to say yes that we are christians, We are the Mother of all Christians We are the purest held Christians to this day. Welcome and learn about the Full truth of Christ through Orthodoxy. This is why we are called Orthodox, because we kept our religion pure unaltered with no dogmas o ( Full Answer )

Where are the Coptic Orthodox churches in Spain?

After researching, there does not seem to be a Coptic Orthodox Church in Spain. There are Coptic Orthodox Churches in Germany, Sweden, England, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, and Ireland.

How many priests are in an Orthodox Church?

This depends on the size of the church. In a small church, there is usually only one priest. A larger church may have one or two priests and a deacon. Large cathedrals may have 5-10 or more priests. Hierarchical liturgies can see 50 or more priests, bishops, deacons, and seminarians. But in the typi ( Full Answer )

Is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in union with the Antiochian Orthodox Church?

Depends which "Ukrainian Orthodox Church" you mean. If you mean the Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is self-ruld but under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church, the answer is "yes." If you mean the Ukrainian Orthodox parishes in the USA, Europe, and Australia which are under t ( Full Answer )

Is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in union with the Russian Orthodox Church?

As with many questions, it depends . . . the Russian Orthodox Church is headed by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia (the Russian Orthodox Church is often referred to as "the Moscow Patriarchate," or simply, "MP"). By "All Russia," of course, is meant all the lands that have been traditionally i ( Full Answer )

When and why did Catholics separate from Orthodox church?

Roman Catholic Answer They didn't, the Orthodox Church split from the Catholic Church, gradually over the centuries. It has been a constant source of heartache for the Church, which we are still trying to remedy. from A Catholic Dictionary , edited by Donald Attwater, Second edition, revised ( Full Answer )

What Orthodox church should I choose?

All canonical Orthodox churches share the same faith and are in full communion with each other. The term "Greek" "Russian" "Serbian" etc... simply refers to the old country church whose jurisdiction they bare under. I would suggest going to a parish that offers the liturgy mainly in English, unless ( Full Answer )

What is the Church of England Anglican church?

A church established under the reign of Elizabeth I. Claims that it is just another "branch" of the true Catholic church are unfounded. It was established using protestant texts from Edward VI reign whilst "ordaining" a William Parker (a layman) as the new Archbishop of Canterbury. The 2 remaining C ( Full Answer )

Do you have to be baptized to be part of the orthodox church?

Yes, because Jesus Himself accepted baptism in the Jordan River, and He commanded His disciples to go and preach and to baptize. "He who believes and is baptized will be saved" (Mark 16:15-16). The Church has maintained this practice of baptism for over 2,000 years.

Did the Orthodox church split from the Catholic church?

Catholics will say that the Orthodox church split from the Catholic Church. Orthodox will say that the Catholic Church split from the Orthodox church. But yes, the two churches did split from one another.

When was the eastern orthodox church created?

The Eastern Orthodox Church was established at the Great Schism in 1054. This divided Christendom into two halves, with the East becoming Eastern Orthodox and the West Roman Catholic.

Was the Church of England a protestant church?

The Church of England was not a PROTESTANT CHURCH. It as a Communion within the Holy Catholic Church and nothing else. The church or England was set up by Henry V111 in the 16c. It is Protestant, and is NOT part of the Roman Catholic church.

Did you know that the early Christian Church in England was Orthodox?

On October 14, 1066, at Hastings in southern England, the last Orthodox king of England, Harold II, died in battle against Duke William of Normandy. William had been blessed to invade England by the Roman Pope Alexander in order to bring the English Church into full communion with the "reformed Papa ( Full Answer )

Is the Church of England the true church?

If you define the "true church" as the church established by Jesus Christ, and guaranteed by Him until the end of the world, that was established in 33 A.D. and Our Blessed Lord appointed St. Peter and his successors to watch over it and guide it until the end of the world, that would be the Catholi ( Full Answer )