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No they are not. O2 sensors measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust downstream. The M.A.P. sensor stands for Manifold Absolute pressure Switch, it ties into the manifold and monitors the amount of vacuum in the manifold and compares the values to other sensors for the timing and fuel settings.

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Q: Are oxygen sensors and map sensors the same thing?
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No there not they are 2 different parts

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What causes sooty exhaust and poor fuel economy in a 1989 Plymouth Reliant K car?

There are many possible causes. Including, worn spark plugs, failed oxygen sensor, leaking injector, improper reading from the MAP or TPS sensors, etc.There are many possible causes. Including, worn spark plugs, failed oxygen sensor, leaking injector, improper reading from the MAP or TPS sensors, etc.

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Where is MAP sensor located on a 1993 ford ranger?

WWW.MOTORCRAFT.COM shows remanufactured AIR MASS SENSORS ( mass air flow sensors ) for the 3 available engines on your 1993 Ranger , there are no listings for a MAP sensor

What sensors impact smog checks in a Dodge Intrepid?

All engine sesnors. ie TPS, MAP, O2 sensors, EGR, etc.......

After changing the MAP and O2 sensors on a 1991 cutlass supreme 3.1L why would the computer read the same?

Sometimes the computer goes through several "cycles" before it clears a code. If the Oxygen sensor and Map sensor codes don't clear within a few starting cycles it's possible that one or both were bad when you put them in. Read the codes again and see what it says.

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What is the sensor on 2009 Toyota Corolla air filter housing?

Although I have not personally seen this sensor, the only sensors that are usually in the intake are MAF sensors MAP sensors and IAT sensors. MAF sensors are usually a whole section of pipe and when you look through them you'll see a screen with bars that run across the diameter of the pipe. These sensors tell the car how much air is flowing through the intake. IAT sensors are usually small sensors that plug into a grommet in the intake that have a guard around them. These tell the computer what the temperature is of the incoming air so the car can adjust the air/fuel ratio accordingly. IAT sensors work in conjunction with MAP sensors. MAP sensors tell the car what the pressure is of the air that is coming in, when the computer compares this reading with that of the IAT it can calculate how dense the air is in order to adjust the air/fuel mixture. If I were to take a guess I would say its the IAT sensor.

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