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It all depends because if you are more active Tampons are right for you. If you don't do sports you have more of a choice. Pads are easier but you need a tampon for swimming. Try them both see whats right for you.

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Pads are safer than tampons and simpler to use, some people also prefer to stick with external options due to personal reasons or just because of comfort. Whereas some people prefer to use tampons or other internal options like menstrual cups as it allows them more freedom to do activities such as swimming. Which menstrual product is better comes down to personal preference.

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What is better a tampon or a pad?

It's a matter of opinion which is better between tampons and pads - although when you're using tampons you still have to use pads, also there are other options like menstrual cups and softcups.Pads are a lot simpler than tampons and don't have health risks like Toxic Shock Syndrome like tampons. Tampons are internal so more discreet but have various health risks which means they're also inconvenient as there are a lot of precautions you have to follow, including still using pads.

Are tampons better then pads?

It's a matter of opinion whether tampons are better than pads.Pads are simpler to use and have far fewer health risks, so in turn also far fewer precautions to follow. Tampons are internal so more discreet and allow you to do activities such as swimming, only they can increase cramps and there are multiple health risks which means they can be inconvenient due to precautions. When using tampons you still have to use pads, this is because tampons can't be worn with light flow, overnight, during an infection, and you should alternate with pads often.

Are tampons cheaper than pads?

No, tampons are not cheaper than pads.On average tampons cost$6.10 per month, where as pads cost $4.27 per month - also consider that when using tampons you have to buy multiple packs of different absorbencies and you have to wear pads at certain points in your period even if you use tampons primarily. You thus have to buy more items when using tampons.

Are pads or tampons better?

they are both fine its what makes u more comfortable with i prefer tampons cause wen i wear pads it feels like im wearin a diaper. yeah i started with pads for like a year and then switched to tampons and i dont think i could go back :P

Is it better to use pad's then tampon's?

Yes, it is better to use pads than tampons.Tampons pose multiple health risks as they are not very hygienic - prevent vaginal cleaning, damage vaginal tissues, encourage bacterial growth, effect vaginal pH, and can contain harmful ingredients more easily absorbed into the body. From a health perspective pads are a better option, also with tampons pads have to be used anyway so pads are a lot simpler to use with fewer precautions.Pads are external so more obvious and you can't participate in activities like swimming, but that doesn't mean tampons are better as there are other options you can use such as menstrual cups or softcups which are safer and more convenient than tampons. Basically its not just tampons or pads.

Do Amish women where tampons or pads?


What is best to use pads or tampons?

Tampons are so much better!!! You can be sooo much more active, you u don't feel like your wearing a diaper, and you don't feel wet. It takes a one or two days to find the right size, brand, and angle for the tampon.

What sells more pads or tampons?

Pads.Most women will use pads when they first start menstruating, pads are used occasionally for spotting or even discharge, many women choose to use pads alone, and even when wearing tampons women have to still use pads as back-up to their tampons and as tampons cannot be worn before menstruation, overnight, with light flow or with infection and tampons should be alternated with pads.

Do all girls have to wear tampons?

No, not all girls have to wear tampons and in fact there's little reason to use tampons when there are other options like pads or menstrual cups available. Girls often use tampons because they prefer them to pads and may not know that options like cups exist and can be much better than tampons. Some people cannot use menstrual cups so will use tampons when they need internal menstrual products.

Which is better tampons or pads?

The choice as to whether tampons or pads are better is a personal one. Some people find tampons more convenient, and some prefer pads. There is no health reason to use either unless you have previously had toxic shock, or are in a situation where hand washing or other hygiene aspects are difficult, in which case pads would be preferable. Both can be used throughout the period.

Which is better tampon or pad?

It's down to personal preference. If you use tampons you still have to use pads, tampons also pose far greater risks such as Toxic Shock Syndrome, increased vaginal infecitons, increased bleeding, increased cramps, and a more direct exposure to dioxin if using commercial products. Pads are easier to use, with fewer risks and fewer precautions but aren't always practical. There is a huge difference between different types of tampons and pads too - for example commercial tampons like Tampax or Playtex pose far higher risks than sponge or cotton tampons. There's a huge difference in comfort and hygiene between commercial pads like Always or Kotex and cotton pads or cloth pads too. You also have more options than tampons or pads, for example menstrual cups are becoming very popular as they're internal like tampons but safer and more hygienic so they are a lot more convenient and there's no need to alternate with pads. Cups are also more comfortable, cheaper, greener, and more reliable than tampons and pads.

How many tampons or pads for a week?

It depends completely on what type of tampons/pads you're using and your flow. Ideally a woman should alternate between tampons and pads, changing every 4-6 hours - so assuming a woman is using a tampon or pads for 6 hours that's at least two tampons and two pads per day - thus at least 14 tampons and 14 pads per week.

If you have a heavy flow which is better tampons or pads?

Tampons. There is less chance of "leakage" and you won't have to change the tampon as often as you would with a pad. But I would recommend wearing a pad or a panty liner as well, just in case. :)

Do more woman wear tampons or pads?

Pads.Women usually start off using pads.Women with irregular bleeding use padsWomen use pads even when not menstruating.Women who use tampons also have to use pads.Women who use softcups or other options use pads.Women often prefer pads to tampons.Etc.

Do you where tampons or pads when your doing long activities?

You have more options than tampons and pads, you can use menstrual cups and softcups which can be worn for up to 12 hours (tampons and pads need to be changed after 4-6 hours or sooner if full), also they don't leak so more convenient than tampons or pads. If using tampons and pads you may want to use both so that the pads can act as back-up if your tampon leaks before you can get to the bathroom. Otherwise use as you would normally and just make sure to change often so it doesn't leak.

What should you use towels or tampons when you are having a period?

You can use whatever you want to during your period, there are many options...Commercial tampons e.g. TampaxOrganic tampons e.g. EmeritaSoft tampons e.g. BeppySponge tampons e.g. J&PCloth tamponsInterlabial pads e,g, LabinniCommercial pads e.g. AlwaysOrganic pads e.g. NatracareCloth pads e.g. LunapadsPeriod belts e.g. Reddy'sPeriod underwear e.g. ThinxSilicone menstrual cup e.g. DivacupRubber menstrual cup e.g. KeeperTPE menstrual cup e.g. MeLunaDisposable softcup e.g. SoftcupReusable softcups e.g. SoftcupDiaphragm as menstrual cupFree-bleedingMenstrual releaseIt's best to start with pads, then if you want to use internal options menstrual cups are a better option than tampons as they're much safer and more hygienic than tampons. Menstrual cups are also more convenient than tampons or pads as they can be worn for up to 12 hours with any flow and at any time without needing to alternate with pads as you would with tampons, menstrual cups also don't leak like tampons or pads. Look into all your options to see what you think will work for you.

How do you feel comfortable with period without tampon?

One option would be to use menstrual cups. Menstrual cups are internal like tampons but safer and more hygienic so can be worn for 12 hours, including with any flow and overnight without need to alternate with pads. Cups are more comfortable than tampons or pads and don't leak like tampons or pads.

Is a tampon better than a pad?

The answer to this is a matter of opinion, different people prefer different products.Tampons hold more flow and are internal so more discreet than pads, thus many women prefer them - although with tampons you still have to use pads, it's not safe or hygienic to use tampons throughout your entire period. But tampons have multiple health risks such as TSS and increased risk of vaginal infections, also dioxin and other harmful toxins are present in tampons, plus tampons can increase menstrual cramps. Again, it's a matter of determining which you prefer to use.

Is a tampon or pad better?

It is completely down to personal preference.Tampons are internal so they are more discreet and can be worn for sports like swimming, but tampons pose health risks like vaginal infections and TSS. Pads are simpler with fewer precautions than tampons, but can be bulky and uncomfortable for some. Remember that with tampons you still have to use pads sometimes too, also there are other options like menstrual cups and softcups too.

You want to start using tampons as you dont think pads are very hygienic but it hurts will you get used to them?

Actually pads are a lot more hygienic than tampons - tampons prevent vaginal cleaning while allowing bacterial growth, thus why tampons commonly cause vaginal infections and are linked to TSS, also why tampons have to be alternated with pads to allow your vagina a chance to clean itself.Tampons shouldn't hurt as long as you're using them correctly - use correct absorbency for your flow and relax during insertion, remember too that they can't be used with light flow. It would be much better to use menstrual cups or softcups as they are more hygienic than tampons and no need for pads.

Are tampons or pads better?

that all depends on you hon ------------------------------------------------ Some people prefer one more then another, I use both, (tampons during the day and pads at night,) but its your choice in the end what you want to do. Try both and then decide what you would prefer.

Are tampons better than pads?

In my opinion tampons are better than pads for various reasons. I like everything that goes on in there to stay in there. I don't like the worry of blood leaking through my pants and worrying that people will see. Plus when you stand up from sitting in a chair you wont feel the blood flow increase and rush down :) Its all good :)good luck!!

Can you use tampons if you have Mirena?

Yes, you can use tampons, pads, or the menstrual cup when you have an IUD.

Are tampons comfortable?

It depends on the individual.Many who use tampons find them more comfortable than pads as pads can be felt, also if using commercial pads these can make you sweaty and rub on skin. Many who switch from tampons to menstrual cups or softcups will say that tampons are far less comfortable than cups.Many find tampons uncomfortable because they dry-out vaginal tissues so can cause irritation, tampons commonly increase menstrual cramps and can expand into the cervix so cause pain, also with tampons you still have to use pads so you still have that discomfort and regular changes to deal with. Some people find tampons just don't work at all for them, so not everyone thinks they're comfortable.

What is the best tampon or pad?

I love "Always Infinity" for a pad, and my favorite tampon is "Tampax Pearl". I think I like pads better, they are overall more comfortable. They don't work as well though.