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Giant pandas are an endangered species and their numbers are dwindling very quickly as their habitat is destroyed. There are roughly 1,000-1,500 pandas living in the wild (in China). There are about 120 living in zoos and breeding centers around the world. Red pandas are listed as "vulnerable", which is one step below (better than) "endangered".
Yes pandas are endangered because of pochers that have been hunting them for over 60 years and after all of that hunting the panda poppulation has dramatically decreased in countries such as china which is very poppular for pandas.
Pandas are endangered animals. They have been poached (hunted) and killed for fur. Although many have died, it is against the law in China to hunt these endangeredcreatures.
Panda's are endangered animals
pandas are extremely endangered.
As you can see, pandas are in the "Threatened" area, so yes, they are endangered.

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No, giant pandas have recently been removed from the endangered list and are now classified as vulnerable.

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Q: Are pandas endangered
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Are baby red pandas endangered?

Red pandas are endangered.

Why are The Giant Pandas Endangered?

pandas are loosing there habitat allowing them to be endangered

Are pandas they in Endangered?

Yes, both the giant and red pandas are endangered.

What pandas are endangered?

Giant Pandas and REd PANdas are both on the endangered species list and have extensive breeding programs.

Why are lesser pandas endangered?

Lesser Pandas are mostly endangered because humans like the habitat of many Lesser Pandas. Lesser Pandas are mostly endangered because humans like the habitat of many Lesser Pandas.

How endangered are pandas?

If you mean, why are pandas endangered, i can answer that. Pandas are endangered because people are cutting down their forests. Also, hunters have been hunting pandas for their fur. There are only about maybe 1,000 pandas living in the wild now.

What types of pandas what are endangered?

Giant pandas and Red pandas.

What is the status of pandas?

Pandas are endangered, but not extinct.

Are pandas gone?

No, Pandas are endangered but not extinct.

Are giant pandas extinct or endangered?


WHERE are red pandas endangered?

Red pandas are only native to one area, and that's where they are endangered.

Why are pandas extinct?

pandas are not extinct but they are endangered. They are endangered because people are cutting down forests and that is where the pandas live. So now there are very few pandas in the world

Information about pandas?

Pandas eat bamboo . Panda's are endangered . Pandas are a bear.

Why are pandas classified as engangered animals?

because in some countries giant pandas are endangered but in china they are not endangered

Can people own pet pandas?

No. Pandas are an endangered species and it is illegal to own an endangered species as a pet.

Where are giant pandas endangered?

Giant pandas are no longer considered to be endangered and are now listed as vulnerable.

Why are orangatangs and pandas endangered animals?

Orangoutangs and pandas are mainly endangered due to loss of natural habitat.

Why are the pandas endangered?

I think they are endangered because or deforestation.

What are some endangered animales?

Pandas are endangered animals

How endangered are red pandas?

very endangered bro

Are pandas going endangered?

yes they are going endangered

Are pandas and koalas endangered?

Giant pandas are officially classified as endangered, while Red pandas are listed as vulnerable. Koalas are not endangered. Their status varies from region to region, but federally they are considered 'secure'.

What does IUCN mean that are declaring red pandas are endangered?

when the IUCN declared the red pandas an endangered species it means that the red pandas population is dying out...

Endangered spies act for pandas?

what are pandas major preditors

Where are pandas available?

Pandas are endangered animals and you can see them in a zoo.