Are pandas in danger

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They are one of the rarest species on earthe. They live in China. And they are rare because people are cutting there food down (bambu).

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No, giant pandas have recently been removed from the endangered list and are now classified as vulnerable.

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Q: Are pandas in danger
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Is any pandas in danger?

ArE PanDaS, not Is Pandsaws!|&

Why are giant pandas in danger?

Giant pandas are in danger because they are dying and they are getting shot

What pandas are in danger?

For all i know are Giant Pandas and Red Pandas.

How do pandas respond to danger?

they hide from the danger

Are pandas going extinct?

Yes, the Pandas are in danger of extinction.

What animals are in danger in china?

pandas, red pandas, tigers,

Why red pandas are in danger?

Red pandas are in danger because there habitat is being destroyed.

Are the Red Pandas in danger?


Why the pandas are in danger of extintion?


Why are Red Pandas in danger?

They are in danger mostly because of habitat loss.

How do pandas protect themselves from danger?

Pandas initially protect themselves from danger by hiding. Their coats allow them to camouflage themselves from predators. Pandas can also use sharp teeth to defend themselves.

What animals are in danger of becoming extinct in the?


Are there any animals that are in danger of becoming extinct?

Yes! Pandas in China are in danger of becoming extinct, but the pandas are working there way up for non extinction.

Are the pandas in danger in the forests?

not if they stay in lots of trees

Why are pandas in danger on extinction?

its because loss of habitat

How many pandas are in danger of extinction?

almost all of them

Why are panda's in danger?

Pandas are in danger because people are cutting down their forests where they live in and what they eat.

How Do Pandas Spend Their Time?

Pandas spend 2 thirds of their day eating and the rest sleeping. pandas only climb when their in danger

Are baby pandas in danger?

Adult pandas are the largest animal in their habitat and have no natural enemies except for man who continues to destroy the bamboo forests. However, baby pandas are sometimes killed and eaten by snow leopards and jackals.

How many pandas are there right now?

well, last I checked there are less than 1,000 pandas in the world!!! They are in extreme danger...

Where are pandas becoming extinct?

No, pandas are not currently in danger of going extinct. They are rare in their home country of China, however.

Are giant pandas in great danger?

yes giant pandas are endangered species. So yes they are in danger.

Are pandas dangerous?

They may look cute and cuddly, but pandas are wild animals and therefore have the potential to be dangerous especially if they feel that they or their offspring are in danger.

What can you do to save red pandas?

The best way to save red pandas is to help preserve their environment. You can also help to spread the word about the danger that they are in.

Why can't giant pandas live in the desert and why?

no cause they are grass animals that are in danger