Leopards and Panthers

Are panthers endangered?

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Panther is a generic term and does not apply to a single species. It may refer to a lion - panthera leo a tiger - panthera tigris

a leopard - pantera pardus

a jaguar - panthera onca

a snow leopard - panthera uncia

Each of the above species is either vulnerable, threatened or endangered.

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Why are black panthers in danger?

They are not endangered. Black panthers are black phases of the leopard and jaguar, which currently not listed as endangered.

Are blak panthers critically endangered?

No. Black panthers are black specimens of the leopard or jaguar, and neither species are endangered.

Why are black panthers extinct?

Black panthers are not extinct yet but they are endangered.

Are white panthers endangered?

Yes. They are

How many panthers in Florida?

About only 50 Florida Panthers, they are quite endangered.

Why are Florida panthers so special?

there endangered

What is main reason panthers are endangered?


What are Cathy slogans for endangered Florida panthers?

it is a disease!

Can you tranquilize panthers?

Yes, panthers can be tranquilized. This should be done by a professional so that the animal's health is not endangered.

What can we do to prevent black panthers from being endangered?

Currently, black leopards and jaguars are not endangered species.

Why are panthers endangered species?

because people hunt for them and kill them.

Why is it important to keep panthers alive?

Because they're endangered.

How did Florida panthers become endangered?

From over hunting and habitat loss.

Why are Florida panthers hunted?

Florida panthers (Puma concolor y cori) are an endangered (therefore protected) species and should not be hunted.

Are Florida panthers still endangered?

Yes, they are still endangered. Only about 160 animals remain, making them one of the most endangered animals on earth.

Is there a hunting season for Florida panthers?

No, they are an endangered species and are fully protected by law.

Why are panthers in extinction?

The are considered Endangered because of the slimming number of panther prevalence in the wilderness.

What is the conservation status of florida panthers?

Endangered, but numbers are rising to over 100 now.

Are black panthers going extinct?

Black panthers are not a particular species but, rather, melanistic (black) morphs of either the leopard or the jaguar. Neither species is endangered.

What endangered specie has been saved?

Snow lepords, and panthers. A plant in Michigan is raindrellic flower.

What type of habitat does endangered panthers have?

Anyone they would like; without someone getting hurt.

Can you help me get info on Florida panthers?

Check out Florida Wildlife Commission's site on this endangered puma subspecies.

How did black panthers become endangered?

"Black panthers" are merely melanistic (black) specimens of the leopard (Panthera Pardus) or the jaguar (Panthera Onca). There is no such thing as a "black panther" species, and, as neither the leopard or jaguar is endangered at the moment, neither are the black members of those species. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Black panthers are more of a genus than of a species. So you've gotten that part right, but don't say that black panthers don't exist, because they ARE real.

Are cats endangered?

Not domestic cats, but Siberian Tigers, Ocelots and Panthersmost of them are not but some yesThe domestic (pet) cat is not. Some species of cats in the wild are threatened or endangered.

Why is the black panther endangered?

Black panthers are actually a color variant of other species of cats - leopards or jaguars. They are not a specific species and therefor, although very rare, they are not endangered.