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2006-08-09 18:26:57
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Q: Are parents liable for a 21-year-old who lives at home if he allows his insurance to lapse?
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In an accident who is liable the 18 yr old driver or the parents who own the car and insurance policy?

parents if the insurance is under their names

Who is liable if 16 year old has title and insurance in her own name and does not live with parents?

person's name on the title, and insurance is liable for any claims or violations. asian623

Is it true that your parents can still be held liable for you driving if they pay your health insurance?

No, it shouldn't be true.

How liable is a parent if a child is on their own insurance ploicy and they are 17?

Full liability, as the child is still a minor and the parents are responsible; on the other hand, at the age of 17, a teenager cannot legally enter in a contract, so the insurance policy is void and the insurance becomes just as liable.

Is the insurance company liable to replace a stolen car with only liability insurance?

If you only carry liability insurance, that is all that the insurance company is liable for in this state.

If the driver of a car is liable for an accident who is liable the owner of the car or the driver's insurance company?

The owner of the car is liable for the accident itself and the damage. However, the insurance company might have to pay for it, depending on the owners insurance cover.

Is a cosigner liable for a death if the car has no insurance?

No, a co signor would not be liable. A co-buyer would be liable.

Can parents be sued for liability of a 16 year old driver on their insurance in the event of an accident?

Yes, Parents and other legal guardians are financially liable for the acts of minor wards.

What insurance company is liable if a pedestrain is hit by a car?

The driver who hit the pedestrian is liable, not their insurance company. The drivers insurance company will normally be responsible for payment of valid claims up to the policy limits for which the their insured driver is found liable.

Who would be liable if you were driving a friend's vehicle and got into an accident and they did not have insurance?

The driver's insurance would then be considered "secondary," meaning if the owner of the auto didn't have insurance, then if the person driving the car had insurance, they would be liable.

What is a good sentence for the word liable in it?

You are liable to pay for the damages on your property because of your lack of insurance.

If your car is hit and you have no insurance is the other person liable for damages?

If someone causes damages to your property, they are liable. This means, however that you have to deal with their insurance company directly, rather then your insurance company doing it for you.

Who's liable for 29 year old daughter who owns her own car but is on family insurance?

The owner of the vehicle please the people on the insurance policy are liable.

Is the owner of a car liable if the person driving has a fatal accident?

Yes, he is liable if the person driving has a fatal accident. His insurance allows him to cover people that drive his car with his permission. If that person wrecks his car and dies, the insurance would pay the funeral expenses and give the actual cash value for the car minus the deductible.

Does Homeowners insurance cover grandkids who vandelized neighbors property?

It just depends on whether you are liable for the acts of your grandchild or not. It might be that the childs parents are legally liable for their acts in your jurisdiction. Not knowing your local regulations, theres not enough information in your question to answer properly. In general though, If you are not liable, then your insurance would not need to cover it because your not responsible. If you are liable then it should be covered under your liability coverage but not under your property coverage terms because it's not your property.

Are parents liable for teens child?


Are parents liable for an adult child's actions?


Can landlord use home insurance claim if tenants wreck property?

If the tenant damages the property he is liable for such damages. The Landlord may or may not have his own insurance for this purpose but the tenant is liable. If the Tenant has his own insurance (Renter's Insurance) then the Tenant may file a claim and damages will be covered by that insurance.

Who is liable if your son wrecks your auto?

If it was his fault then he is or your insurance if he is included on it.

If a tree does property damage who is liable?

Mother Nature would be the liable party, Unfortunately, she does not carry insurance. If your property is insured, Then your property Insurance Policy will cover the cost of damage repairs.

Are parents liable if their 20 year old college student gets in a crash while away at college driving a car registered to the parents?

The the child has the car, than the child should be on the parents, or whoever owned the car, insurance. This is required in all states.

Can the parents of a 20 year old be sued if son was in accident with his own car that he owns in Illinois?

The parents are not liable for the damage. Parents can only be liable for the actions of a child who is under the age of 18.

Who is liable for damages that a thief causes?

The Thief is liable for the damages he causes. No one else. Take Care Insurance Plus

If an insurance company has a contractor do a job that includes poor workmanship will the insurance company be liable for any future damage due to the poor workmanship?

This depends on what your local or state law allows. If an insurance company direct the work of a contractor, there may be a liability issue , which depends on the argument of the law in your state.

Can parents be sued for liability for a child on their auto insurance policy while a daughter drives her own car and is not living with parent and a title of her car is on her parent's name?

Yes, The owner of a vehicle is just as liable for an accident as the driver. Both the driver and the Vehicle owner are both jointly and severally liable for the cost of an at fault accident.Since you say the title is in the parents name, Then the Parents are in fact the legal owner of the vehicle as far as the state is concerned.The at fault driver is liable because they caused the accident, The Registered Owner is liable because the owner has a responsibility to ensure that all permissive use drivers have the appropriate insurance coverage before allowing them to operate the vehicle.Yes, If your daughter is still a minor, the legal guardian (usually the parents) can be sued under parental liability statutes even if the vehicle is not owned by the parents.