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Ask the hospital to allow you to sign a finiacial hardship letter. But you will have to prove hardship.

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Are parents liable for an adult child's actions?


Are parents still lieable for teenagers who move out at 17 in Alabama?

Parents are liable for their children until they become legally adult.

If a 15 year old unlicensed minor learning to drive with an uninsured adult has an accident who is liable the parents of the minor or the uninsured driving instructor?

The owner of the vehicle is usually held liable.

Who is liable for my adult daughter's car accident?

Who is the owner of the car your adult daughter was driving, you or her? If you, you can both be liable. Her as the driver, and you as the owner of the vehicle

Are adult children liable for the debt if a parent files for bankruptcy?

No, if the adult children are not joint debtors they are not responsible for their parents debts. If they are joint debtors the parents' debts could be discharged in BK leaving the adult children who were not a part of the BK procedure open to the recovery of the debt(s) by creditors.

Are parents still liable for the actions and support of their children who are 18 or older in New York State?

The child is no longer a minor. As an adult, they are responsible for themselves.

Are the parents personally liable if a 19 year old on with her own policy gets into a serious accident over insured amounts in Mass where the 19 yr old lives with her parents?

No she is an adult at 19.

In Washington State are parents responsible for medical bills if their adult child dies?

Not unless the parents entered into a contract with the hospital, doctor, etc. that provided the care.

Are adult children liable for funeral cost in the UK?


Are parents liable for 18-year-old's actions?

In almost every US state, the age of majority is 18. This means a person who reaches that age is an adult and is fully responsible for themselves. The parents are no longer liable for any of their actions. The states with an exception are Alabama and Nebraska which are age 19 and Mississippi which is age 21.

Are parents responsible for adult child's debt to an attorney?

Very generally speaking, in the U.S. a person is not liable for any other person's debt, unless that person is a cosigner on a loan or something.

If a child turning 18 in october is kicked out of parents house can parents get in trouble in state of California? If child is emancipated or an adult, then the parents are no longer responsible or liable for the child unless extenuating circumstances apply. ie: mental retardation.

Can parents be held liable for there 19 years old child's actions?

No, at age 19, the "child" is an adult responsible for his own actions. The parent has no legal authority to make the 19 year old do what the parent wishes, therefore the parent cannot be held liable for the child's actions.

I am 19 Living in a dorm at college my parents pay for everything Are they legally liable for my actions or can they get sued for something i do?

The question is much too broad to be answered specifically. However - if you are still legally a minor, possibly, your parents might be be held liable for civil damages, but they would not be held responsible for your criminal activities. If you are considered to be legally an adult in your state, it is only YOU that would be responsible for your actions.

Where can you get an adult circumcision in Orlando?

Hospital lol

Can you be held liable for adult children's debts?

Not unless the parent was a co-signer or guarantor.

You were recently in the hospital age 18 whose responsible for the bills?

You are considered an adult and capable of signing a contract. Such debt will be your responsibility. That may be modified if your parents have health insurance on you.

Should there be a hospital stay after adult tonsillectomy?


What are you supposed to do when you smash your finger in a car door?

If you have to ask, then find an adult. If you are an adult, go to the hospital.

Why do adult children void parent?

adult children's avoid parents because of the mostly parents interface there lives

Parents rights over an adult child?

In the US, parents have no rights over an adult child unless that adult child has been declared mentally incompetent by the court and the parents were appointed guardians as a result of that.

Are parents liable for legal expenses incurred by their 18-year-old child?

In the majority of US states an 18-year-old is considered an adult, that being the case parents are not financially responsible for their adult child unless there are extentuating circumstances, such as a court order stating differently. In the few states where the age of majority is higher then 18, the existing state laws would determine what if any liability parents might have in such circumstances.

Are Parents liable for medical bills incured when minor child injures an adult?

yes, we are financially responsible for our kids until they are 18, in most states, 2 states, I believe it is until they are 19. If they break it we pay for it.Financial responsibility falls on the parents until the kid turns 21 in NY

Are adult children liable for parents mortgage debt?

No, not as long as they didn't co-sign the mortgage. However, if the parents have died and their property is subject to a mortgage the lender will foreclose on the property if the mortgage isn't paid. If the heirs want to keep or sell the property they must keep the mortgage payments current.

What is the age of children to visit adult wards?

It depends on the hospital.