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Tricky territory, what a burden to put on your children. We stayed together, never had happiness, created no passion, lived in a loveless marriage BUT; we did it because WE LOVE YOU. Nah, I would rather be raised by parents that enjoy life, have passion ect, ect even if they are no longer married to each other. Thanks

2006-07-31 03:21:39
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Do the expectations of parents have an effect on their children?

Yes, children will generally live up to, or down to, their parents expectations. If parents think they have genius children, their children will probably end up being very smart. If parents think they have dumb children, the children might turn out to be not as bright as other children.

How do Italian parents teach children to behave?

Italians are no different from most other parents, but there are SOME Italian parents hit their children even after they reach adulthood.

Can parents and children hate each other?

Yes, they can.

Why has the other mother taken the other children and Coraline's parents?

she took the other children because she wanted something to love, and she took Coraline's parents because she had them in her clutches in order to lure Coraline back to the other world.

How many childer do Justin biebers parents have?

Justin's parents, Pattie and Jeremy, only had Justin together. Then they divorced and Jeremy remarried and had two other children, Justin's step sister and brother, Jazmyn and Jaxon.

How should you get your parents to love each other?

Children cannot get their parents to love each other. If the parents are separated or divorced, or moving toward that, the children will have to learn how to deal with the situation as it is and build a relationship with each parent separately.

What is the difference betwee a nuclear and an extened family?

A nuclear family consists of parents and their children only. An extended family consists of parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandchildren, and other relatives, all living together or in near proximity to each other; many people take care of the children, children have many family playmates; there are many advisers of various ages who are all family members.

What is a sibling family?

A sibling family is where the children live together without parents. The eldest child manages the household.

Can foster parents foster children from other states?

Yes, we did.

What do children of mixed parents look like?

They look like their parents like all children do. or their grandparents. When it comes to color it can be one or the other or a mix.

Who were the first parents and who were their children and grandchildren in mythology?

The first parents are the sky, Uranus and Gaia (Mother Earth). Titans were their children and the other gods were their grandchildren

What are ways parents parents can prepare their children for parenthood?

if you have other children it would be better because you can show them the way you know is best that will prepare theem

What is the importance of family activities?

* Family activities are extremely important as the brings the parents and children together (grandparents and other relatives should be included on occasion.) Children are more well rounded when they have parents taking an interest in them and doing multiple types of activities. In today's world the family unity is dissolving rapidly sometimes due to both parents working or a parent working shift work; so smart parents make the time to do activities together as a family.

Which god did ancient Egypt children worship?

The children worship the same gods as their parents and other adults.

What ways can a child join a family other then as the biological child?

Some parents who have their own children simply love children and may take in foster children (give them a place to live, but your parents do not adopt them as their own) or adopting a child and they will be raised fairly with the other children in the family.

How long do children stay with their parents for?

Usually in the United States, children tend to stay with their parents until they reach the age of 18. This is due to college. In other countries, such as Italy in Europe, children usually stay with their parents until they are married.

Parents willed estate to surviving children does this exclude deceased children?

If the exact wording is "to my surving children", then all other children who predeceased the testator or out.

Why are brothers and sisters more similar to each other than to children of other parents?


Are children allowed to say bad words?

It depends on their parents. If the parents and other adults in their life don't mind, then they can.

What rights do the children of deceased parents have when it comes to property if both parents die leaving a minor child and other adult children?

The children have the right to inherit the property as outlined in the will or in line with state intestacy laws.

What were some common problems with women and children in the work force?

Some common problems for women and children in the work force are:parents' concern for their children's well being while they are at work.parents' stress being responsible for so many needs of their children and their jobs; parents' stress being transferred to the children.parents' concern for the trustworthiness of caregivers for their young children in the care of others.logistical situations when children of working parents must travel to and from school and parents must travel to and from work and to and from appointments and other duties while ensuring that their children are where they are supposed to be.parents need to take time off from their jobs when their children have appointments or their presence in required at their children's school or any other need of their children.difficulty in spending sufficient time for the children's' needs while taking care of household needs and duties.the exaggeration of these duties and stresses for single parents and for parents whose employer is not flexible or accommodating.

Can a 15 year old couple who love each other move in with the other without their parents consent?

Legally no, If anyone reports you or your parents the police will punish their parents and the children will be either put into foster homes or back with the parents.

How do you protect children from child labor?

Don't compel children to work. Report those - other than parents - who do so.

Is warts among children to be blamed on the parents?

No. Children often get warts. They are from a virus that can be found in sand boxes and other places.

How does the community deal with adults with grown children on the giver?

After the children have grown up, the parents are taken out of the community to live separately with the other Childless Parents. It is possible that they can reapply if they want to raise more children in a family unit.