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Marine parrot fish are carnivorous, freshwater parrot fish are omnivorous.

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What are some herbivores that live in the ocean?

Shrimp, Plankton, Parrotfish, Damsel's, Rabbitfish.

What are some herbivores live in saltwater?

The manatee is mostly herbivore The dugong (relative of the manatee) is called a "sea cow" because it feeds on ocean grasses. Krill, especially Antarctic krill, are herbivores. Parrotfish are herbivores

What are 2 Herbivores in an ocean?

here i can help. 1) green sea turtle 2)parrotfish i dont reallyknow if they are, but it gave me an A for my science test :)

What does the parrotfish eat?

The parrotfish eat algae

What is a coral reef herbivore example?

clown fish are herbivores i do belive...Additionally, parrotfish, surgeonfish, damselfish, urchins, sea hares, some mollusks.

What type of fish eat seaweed?

A fish that eats seaweed is a beta fish, or a dolphin etc. fish that eat seaweeds and other algae are called herbivores. Examples of these types of fish are the parrotfish and the surgeonfish.

When was Rainbow parrotfish created?

Rainbow parrotfish was created in 1829.

Is the parrotfish endangered?

the parrotfish is not endangered plus... did u know that the parrotfish is half parrot half fish and 1/3 human

Where does a Parrotfish get its food?

If you mean the freshwater parrotfish, then generally it would get its food from its owner or care taker. If you are refferring to the marine Parrotfish, then they get their food from the reef.

Where do Rainbow Parrotfish live?

Simple! Rainbow Parrotfish live in coral reefs - mostly.

Why are rainbow parrotfish endangered and what is being done to save it?

what can be done to prevent rainbow parrotfish from becoming extinct

Are parrotfish endangered?


Are parrot fish freshwater fish or saltwater fish?

ParrotFish can be both freshwater and saltwater depending on what type of ParrotFish it is.

Why is the rainbow parrotfish endangered?

The rainbow parrotfish is endangered because of overfishing,human pressures, destroyed mangroves. hope that helped

What eats a parrotfish?

Um... a shark?

Do parrotfish live in freshwater or saltwater?


Is a Parrotfish a mammal or a reptile?

A fish.

What adaptations do parrotfish have?

One of the interesting adaptations that parrotfish have is the ability to change from female to male. Another of their adaptations are their teeth, which allow them to eat coral.

Do parrotfish eat other fish?

yes they do

Which fish eat sea grass?

the parrotfish

What does a stoplight parrotfish eat?

sea urchins

How do you save rainbow parrotfish?

we can stop huntting them

What is the name of the smiling fish?

Blue Parrotfish

What is the weight of a rainbow parrotfish?

two pounds

Can a parrotfish female turn into a parrotfish male?

Yes a parrot fish female could turn into a parrot fish male it changes gender and color :}