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It depends upon the terms of employment as established by the employer. There are no US laws that require a private employer to give paid vacation time. If the business is represented by a union, then issues concerning all employees would be covered in the union contract.

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Do Dolphin trainers get vacation days?

Dolphin trainers do indeed get vacation days. These trainers are paid employees and are entitled to have rights like normal workers.

Do employees get paid vacation time in chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Do employees get paid vacation time after a chapter 11 bankrupcy?

Do temporary employees have a right to vacation?

In the US, no employee has the right to paid vacation.

Do IT managers get paid vacations?

As exempt employees of the company, paid vacation would normally be part of their compensation; however if they were working in the position as independent contractors, no paid vacation is not available to them.

Which motivation theory do you think would help communicate the importance of vacation time to your employees?

give them paid vacation

What paid holidays do the employees get at staples?

Staples employees get paid for two holidays each year. They get paid for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. If they work on either of these days, they will get the vacation pay and regular pay.

What was the first person to provide employees with paid sick and vacation time as well as a five-day work week?

who was the first person to provide employees with paid sick and vacation time as well as a five-day work week.

How much vacation time does a plumber get?

In Canada a person gets a week paid vacation for every year of employment. So if you have been at a place of employment or self employed for say 3 years then you are entitled to 3weeks paid vacation.

If employer closes for snow is it mandatory to pay employees?

No. You are not entitled to be paid for any time you did not work. If your employer chooses to pay you, you are receiving a benefit and not something to which you are entitled.

What innovation did International Harvester institute in 1926?

an annual two week paid vacation for employees

Part time employees entitled to be paid on legal holidays?

It depends totally on company policy. Generally, part-time employees do not enjoy the same things as full time employees.

Do American workers still get paid while on vacation?

Most Americans are paid during their vacations. That is certainly true for full time workers. Independent consultants or part time employees may not always receive paid vacations. An independent consultant receives funds for works on a project so "vacation time" is an independent thing. Part time employees frequently do not receive paid vacation time.

If you are terminated do you get your vacation pay?

Yes, you are entitled to your vacation pay, but not your sick pay. If you owe vacation time, the amount of money you owe will be taken out of your last paycheck. Whether to pay unused vacation is the employer's discretion. Paid leave is unregulated.

How much vacation does a lawyer get in a year?

In the US, there are no laws for employers to mandate vacation time off for employees, however many do offer paid vacations. Vacation time is determined by the company you work for.

How many days paid holiday is a person who works a two-day week entitled to?

In the United States, employers are not required to pay holiday pay, or vacation time, to any employees. Holiday pay and vacation time are benefits, not something you are entitled to. When such paid time off is provided, it is usually only given to full-time employees. What classifies as "full-time" depends on the employer's definition unless local law stipulates otherwise. Full-time employees typically work between 32-40 hours per week. Someone who works only 2 days per week is likely part time and would likely not qualify even if their company offered paid time off.

Do burger king employees receive paid time off or vacation time?

Only management receives paid time off. Crew members get no such benefit.

You fell two days before going on paid vacation at work and was on Dr's care for 9 days what happens to your vacation?

If you fell at work, you are entitled to Workman's compensation, which is a separate issue from vacation time. that is still your time no matter what.

Who pays for the President's vacations?

The President's vacation is paid from the public coffers. The President is usually entitled to such vacations and hence is funded by the tax payers.

How many weeks of holidays does the average worker in England get?

If you are a full time employee, you are entitled to up to 3 months per year paid vacation and if you are part time you are entitled to up to 6 weeks paid vacation. They offer this to promote families spending time together and to give their children the experience of culture and learning experiences through vacations.

Do part time employee get vaction time?

If you mean vacation, then what part- or full-time employees get is entirely up to the employer. No law requires paid time off. Vacation, like paid sick leave, is an unregulated gift from the employer.

Do bilingual employees get paid more?

Do bilingual employees get paid more?

How often do employees get paid at DSW?

Employees at DSW are paid biweekly.

When do dunkin' donuts employees get paid?

Most Dunkin' Donuts employees get paid on Friday. Each franchisee can determine the day that their employees are paid. Employees at the Dunkin' Donuts headquarters are paid on Friday.

What paid leave are full time and part time staff entitled to?

By law, employees of any classification are typically not entitled to any paid leave. Massachusetts is a very rare example of a state that requires additional pay for holiday work on certain holidays under certain circumstances, but this is not paid leave. Certain government workers are provided by law with paid holidays and other benefits.However, in most cases, employees are not entitled to any paid leave. Such things are benefits and are left to the employer's discretion. In most cases, once the employer has set a policy, that policy takes on the force of law as far as a court is concerned.Qualified employees are entitled to unpaid leave in qualified situations under FMLA (12 unpaid weeks per year), for jury duty, and for military-related reasons.

In Georgia if you are terminated from your job do you get your sick time and vacation time?

You are not entitled under law to receive any accrued paid time off. The only way you would have a claim would be if your company's policies stated you would receive your accrued time off (usually this is only if you voluntarily resign with proper notice) and/or if the company has paid accrued paid time off to other employees who have been terminated.