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First if you missed your period you should take a pregnancy test. But it is better to go to the doctor esp. if you have had unprotected sex and now you are having pains.

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Q: Are pelvic bone cramps lower back pain and hurting hips signs of prgnancy?
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How soon after conception will you have pelvic pain or lower abdominal cramps?

about 3 days. if more, it is recommended to see a doctor.

Does miscarrying hurt?

Miscarrying is usually accompanied by abdominal pain, pelvic cramps, and sometimes lower back pain.

How do you cure HPV lower pelvic pain?

HPV does not cause lower pelvic pain. If you have pelvic pain, you should consult with your doctor today.

Why is it that you have some serious pain in my lower pelvic area?

Its possible You could have a Pelvic infection.

What region will overlap the left lower quadrant?

The abdominal pelvic region will overlap the left lower quadrant. To be more precise the left pelvic region will.

Is pelvic cavity inferior to abdominal cavity?

Pelvic cavity is a part and parcel of the abdominal cavity. Pelvic cavity lies in lower part of the abdomen.

Drains the pelvic organs and lower limbs?


Why would your lower stomach hurt?


Can pelvic discomfort and lower backache be symptoms of PID?


Are lower back cramps a sign of pregnancy?


What causes lower stomach cramps diarrhoea constipation upper leg cramps?

possibly dehydration, drink water

What STD has no precise test so a physician must look for clinical findings such as lower abdominal pain to diagnose?

Pelvic inflamatory disease. (A+)pelvic inflammatory diseasepelvic inflamatory disease

What drains the pelvic organs and lower limbs?

The common iliac vein

Lower limb bones are attached to the axial skeleton by what?

The Pelvic Girdle

What is an open pelvic fracture?

When there are open skin wounds in the lower abdomen.

What is a closed pelvic fracture?

When there are no open skin wounds in the lower abdomen.

The lower rear portion of the pelvic bone on which one sits?


How do you tell if you have menstrual cramps?

You tell that you have menstrual cramps because you are cramping during menstruation. Menstrual cramps are lower abdominal pain that can feel like a vice gripping the uterus.

What is the diagnosis for lower extremity pelvic and leg pain with post op hysterectomy ligament tear in pelvic region?

I know its a ligament in the pelvic hip wall, but the pain is shooting thru my legs downward.

What are the various signs of pregnancy in a woman?

Nausea, constipation, fatigue, headache, spotting, cramps, missed period, lower back cramps

How do you stop your period cramps without taking any pills or medicine or anything please help?

I'm having my menstral cycle right now, I took a hot bath, drank hot coco and have a heating pad on my lower stomach. It really made it stop hurting. And my cramps are like being stabbed over and over. Trust me it works.

When the ASIS is lower than the PSIS in posture is said to be?

anterior pelvic tilt

What would cause sharp pain in lower stomach?

Abdominal pain can be caused by many conditions. However, the main causes are infection, abnormal growths, inflammation, obstruction (blockage), and intestinal disorders. ... Cramps associated with menstruation are also a potential source of lower abdominal pain, but more commonly these are known to cause pelvic pain.

Do you get cramps when your pregnant in lower stomach?

Yes, especially in early pregnancy

What causes pain in the lower abdomen or ovary area?

your period cramps