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Are people doing anything to stop the sloths getting more endangered?

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To protect sloths from extinction, their habitat is being protected and sloths are breeding in captivity to try to increase their numbers. Deforestation must be stopped to fully protect these creatures.

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What are making sloths endangered?

Sloths are endangerd because they are losing their habitats. Rainforests are getting cut down, and the sloths' homes are being destroyed.

Are sloths endangered or extinct?

they are endangered but not extinct

Why are slothes endangered?

One reason that sloths are endangered is because of deforestation. The sloths are losing their habitat because the population is growing and people are removing trees to make room for homes and businesses.

Why are sloths not endangered?

because sloths have no use to humans so if humans dont hunt sloths there are more of the sloths

Are Three Toed Sloths endangered?

Yes they are.

How rare are sloths?

Very rare, sloths are endangered and many species have gone extinct already.

How can you stop sloths from being endangered?

eat pigs

Are three-toed sloths endangered?


Why are 3 toed sloths becoming endangered?

Both the two and three toed sloths have had their homes destroyed.

What killed the sloths?

Sloths are not extinct. There are four extant species, two of which are endangered and two which are in no apparent danger of extinction.

Are two-toed sloths endangered?

The two species of two toed sloths are listed as least concern.

Why are sloths endangered?

Only the maned three toed sloth is endangered. Sloths in general, are one of the most successful animals within their habitat. They are quite common within the Amazon.There are very few sloths left in the world. This makes them an endangered animal. They are subject to attack because they move so slowly.

How many sloths are left in the would?

they are endangered so not many

Why did sloths become endangered?

because they ate they ate themselves

Are sloths okay right now?

No some species of sloth are critically endangered.

How many sloths are left in the wild?

Pygmy three toed sloths are endangered and threatened with extinction. A study in 2011 by the WWF found only 79 sloths in their natural home of Escudo de Veraguas.

Stop sloths from being endangered?

Sloths are NOT monkeys, these lazy boy loungers are Mammals but not in the primate group but are more primitive, some have three or two toes.

Are sloths getting extincte?

the 3 toed sloth is becoming exctinct but there are billions of 2 toed sloths

What is special about sloths?

well sloths are not that cute but they do help people get food i think

What are the sloths predators?


Are sloths extinct?

No, some species are endangered but not extinct, there is a two toed variety and a three toed as well.

What do sloths kill?

Sloths normally do not kill anything, although occasionally they eat insects (which results of course in the insects' death). Their main diet is leaves though, and sloths are very very slow, so they don't kill anything else, except maybe some vegetation.

Why is the sloth endangered?

Sloths live in the rain forest and humans are cutting down the rain forest. They're becoming endangered because we're destroying their habitat.

What are sloths dying from?

Sloths are dying from people cutting down their natural habitats,rain forests.

Do sloths have skin?

i do not know! people!

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