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Are people funny?

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Thankfully YES! Isn't it a wonderful world!

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Are funny people funny?

It is a tautology to state that funny people are funny. Funny is funny.

What is funny in Jamaica?

the people there are funny they tell funny jokes and they make funny faces

What is the duration of Funny People?

The duration of Funny People is 2.43 hours.

What is the duration of People are Funny?

The duration of People are Funny is 1800.0 seconds.

Why do people sometimes have funny names?

people have funny names because of their parents

When was Funny People released?

Funny People was released on 07/31/2009.

What was the Production Budget for Funny People?

The Production Budget for Funny People was $72,500,000.

Why are gay people so funny?

Some gay people are funny and some are not. Being gay has nothing to do with being funny.

Why do people find cartoons funny?

Because they ARE funny.

What is the duration of People Are Funny film?

The duration of People Are Funny - film - is 1.55 hours.

How can you be more funny?

Hang around people who aren't funny.

Why do people think it is funny to abuse children?

Because it is funny.

Do you have to be funny?

No. You don't have to be funny. Ha. Ha. But if you were quite funny people would like you more.

Is funny people out yet the movie funny people?

yeah its been out since 31st July

How much money did Funny People gross worldwide?

Funny People grossed $71,880,305 worldwide.

How much money did Funny People gross domestically?

Funny People grossed $51,855,045 in the domestic market.

Is simpsons funny?

Yes the Simpson's is funny but some people think not.

Are black people really funny?

What is considered funny varies from person to person, and so, it is safe to say all people are really funny in someones eyes.

Why do people spam?

people think its funny.

Will you look funny with braces?

you will not look funny with them. it might take a few days to get use to them but they do not look funny on people.

Is Big Time Rush funny?

It depends on your sense of humor to know if they are funny or not. Most people say they are funny.

What is the difference between being obnoxious and funny?

When you are funny, people laugh. When you are obnoxious, people look REALLY annoyed.

Why do gay people have funny voices?

gay people do not have funny voices. This is a stereotype that continues to be spread in TV and movies.

When was People Are Funny - film - created?

People Are Funny - film - was created on 1946-01-11.

If you are funny are you really funny?

it depends ask other people if they think you are then you will see

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