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its a personal topic id rather ot discuss

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Q: Are people generally afraid of intimacy?
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Why were people scared of catching the plague?

People were afraid of catching the plague because people who caught the plague generally died.

Who was hades afraid of?

Gods don't generally have much to be afraid of.

What is the difference between sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy?

Sexual intimacy could be having sex with someone, being physically close together. Emotional intimacy may be people who like each other a lot and share and feel similar emotions, but may not be involved in a physical aspect of the relationship. Emotional intimacy may often be before sexual intimacy.

What is social intimacy?

Social intimacy is the closeness that two people share together. To make any relationship successful intimacy should be shared by the couple doing various activities together and talking.

What are the advantages of having emotional intimacy before or in place of physical intimacy?

For most people (and especially young people), I don't think emotional intimacy can completely replace physical intimacy. To attempt to do so invites frustration and conflict. On the other hand, emotional intimacy (provided it is mutual) BEFORE physical intimacy makes the physical acts much richer and more fulfilling because the physical acts tend to be more focused on giving pleasure to your partner than on taking pleasure for yourself.

What is name of people who are scared to go outside?

Agoraphobic people are afraid of wide open spaces and is generally associated with leaving the home/ going outside.

Dream about snake going inside your body?

Snakes in dreams may symbolize hidden fears that are threatening you. Alternatively, a snake may represent temptation or forbidden sexuality. If the snake is in your bed you feel sexually threatened. If you are afraid of the snake you are afraid of intimacy. If you were eating the snake then that may mean you are look for sexual intimacy. It is most likely that the snake represent something sexual if you are an adolescent.

Why people hug in chest?

it gives the best feeling of closeness and intimacy.

Why are people afraid in swimming?

People are afraid of swimming because of the risk of drowning. People fear death so are afraid of swimming.

Something that many people are afraid of that starts with an A?

People are afraid of alligators and apes. People are afraid of anacondas and African rock pythons.

How many people are afraid of mice?

Theirs 15% of people who are afraid of them.

What were the people of Salem village afraid of?

The people of Salem were afraid of witchcraft.

How can you tell if someone has intimacy issues?

you can't.What is an intimacy issue?AnswerSomeone with intimacy issues will not be able to form a closeness or an emotional closeness with anyone. They will keep you at arm's length either because they don't know how to be intimate with someone (they didn't have a good role model like parents) or they have been hurt in the past and are too afraid to really allow that kind of closeness in a relationship.

What are people scared of?

41% of people are afraid of speaking in front of crowds. 34% of people are afraid of hights. More people are afraid of spiders than they are of death.

Should people be afraid of sharks?

No people shouldn't be afraid of sharks. You should be cautious around them, but you shouldn't be afraid of them.

What is intimacy?

Intimacy is private closeness and familiarity. There would be intimacy between a husband and wife or very good friends. A quiet corner in a favorite restaurant could have a sense of intimacy.

How many gays die from the same sex?

Gay people do not die from same-sex intimacy. Just as straight people don't. All people (gay or straight) can contract diseases that might be fatal, but the intimacy itself doesn't cause death.

Why are people afraid of mice?

people are afraid of mice because mice look ugly to people.

Why dolphins are not afraid of people?

Dolphins are not afraid of people because they are very samrt

Wood animals that people arent afraid of?

yes people are afraid of wood

Why were people afraid of the black plague?

people were afraid because it could kill you

How many people are afraid of bees?

Many people are afraid of s__________

Why do people generally resist change?

Simply because they are afraid of changes.Every person have a position and in general people are not sure they can retain there position in changed circumstances that is why they resist changes.

Should people be afraid of bees?

"The only thing to fear is fear itself" So you have to be afraid of being afraid. So I guess no, people dont have to be afraid of bees

What percentage of people are afraid of scary movies?

how many people are afraid of scary movies