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Are petite-mal seizures restricted to children only?

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Petit mal seizures are not restricted to children Seizures also known as convulsions occur more often in children than in adults because the developing brain of a child is more sensitive to disturbances than the fully grown brain of an adult

Petit mal seizures are usually brief and consist of vacant staring and loss of muscle tone, or, conversely, there may be muscle rigidity. Objects held in the hands may be dropped. Often, there is a brief blackout of memory. But rare in these milder seizures are such things as loss of continence, usually associated with the convulsive grand mal seizures, or with uncontrolled wild behavior, as in psychomotor seizures.

2007-07-18 06:53:49
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Q: Are petite-mal seizures restricted to children only?
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What are the symptoms of febrile seizures?

Children with febrile seizures often lose consciousness and shake, moving limbs on both sides of the body. Less commonly, children become rigid or have twitches on only one side of the body.

Do all seizures have convulsions?

No. Seizures can be 'grand mal' which involve the tonic-clonic muscle movement you describe as convulsions. 'Petit mal' seizures can be absence seizures, most often seen in children, where the patient seems catatonic for a brief period. Partial seizures can involve only one small body area, and some seizures consist of just a recurrent tic which can evolve into a larger seizure. Even a hiccup is believed to be a type of mild seizure.

Can people with Asperger's Syndrome have seizures or only people with severe autism?

A:Anyone can have epilepsy, so yes people with Asperger's syndrome could have it as easily as anyone. A:There is a link between seizures and autism spectrum disorders; one in four children with autism or Asperger's Syndrome will experience seizures.

What is the prognosis for roseola?

Children recover quickly and completely from roseola. The only complications are those associated with seizures, or the rare mononucleosis-like syndrome.

Are seizures controlable?

Many types of seizures are controllable with medication. The problem is that many are not. Most people with a chronic seizure condition (epilepsy) can have their seizures well controlled with medications, yet once in a while if they are ill or under extreme stress, they may have an occasional one. Other seizures are caused by medical conditions and are usually one of the symptoms of increasing illness. There are medications that can be given to control these seizures as well, but they are only truly resolved if the condition that caused them is resolved. The last kind are febrile seizures. They often occur in young children, only require medication if they are frequent, and the children often "grow out" of the condition as they mature. If you are having seizures, or know someone who is, please encourage a visit with a good doctor who can find the reasons for them and may be able to get them well under control.

What type of seizures usually occur in children and are rarely an emergency?

There is something known as infantile spasms. This is a rare disorder within infants under 6 months of age, and can occur multiple times a day. There is also something known as Absence seizures. They are lapes of awareness that last for only a few seconds. This is common in children and are brief in length.

Petit mal seizures found in children generally go away with age?

Not necessarily, though many children do grow out of epilepsy. It will depend on the cause and each case is different. Only a doctor can advise on a particular individual.

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Can absent seizures lead to grand mal seizures?

Not necessarily. Some people get both, but some only ever get absence seizures. Epilepsy comes in a wide range of forms and severity, so every case is different.

Does alcohol cause seizures?

Only under very rare conditions.

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If you have a seizure do they last the rest of your life?

Not necessarily. You can get seizures for a wide variety of reasons, so a lot of it will depend on what is the cause. Many people have seizures when they are children which stop when they are older. People might get seizures after suffering a head injury. These might stop after a while as they recover. Other people may have some permanent damage to their brain, like a scar, and may have seizures for the rest of their lives. Some people will get one seizure and never have one again. Epilepsy is when someone has recurring seizures, so a person who only has one does not really have Epilepsy. Anyone can have a seizure at any time in their life. People can have Epilepsy but have it controlled well by medication and so rarely get seizures as long as they are on the medication. They may have to stay on it for the rest of their lives, but they might not get many seizures. So you see there are a lot of factors to be considered when it comes to how long someoene will have seizures for. Each individual is different. Only a good doctor can answer that question for any particular individual. For some, they will have it for the rest of their life and others won't.

Can seizures affect my memory?

only for a little bit, like for an hour, after the seizure.

What is the only symptom that some babies with meningitis may have?

Some infants with meningitis have seizures as their only identifiable symptom.

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Are epileptics more stressed in general and do they deal with stress less constructively?

Not necessarily. There are all sorts of causes for seizures. Stress can be one of those. If someone has seizures that are not caused by stress, then they won't have a problem with that. People may get stressed because they have seizures, while for other people the fact that they have seizures doesn't worry them and they lead perfectly normal lives. The only thing they need to do is keep taking their medication and avoid their triggers for seizures.

Is epilepsy different if your an adult or a child?

Not really. There are many forms of epilepsy so you can have the same kinds of seizures when you are an adult as when you are a child. Issues like age and gender don't really make a difference. Some children stop having seizures when they grow up and other people will have epilepsy throughout their life and other people may only get epilepsy when they are adults.

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