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Are phillipinos of asian origin?

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What do phillipinos wear?

ordinary clothes i think..

Is the kid from up Asian or Mexican?

You mean Russell, the Boy Scout? He is of Asian origin.

What is one sixth of Australia's population?

They are from Asian origin.

What is the staple food of Phillipinos?

Rice (latin Oriza Sativa)

What are the theories of the origin of the Philippines?

Phil. are from sites from Asian countries

Are Algonquin Indians of Asian origin?

No, It is the Odawa (Ottawa) Language.

Are polish people Asian in origin?

No, they live in Europe from ages. Yes, they can be asian as well as no because they arent british

What is the percent of Asian Americans?

The question is ambiguous, Are you interested in what percentage of Asians are Americans, or what percentage of Americans are of Asian origin?

Who was affected by the chilean earthquake?

Hawaiians Chileans Japanese Phillipinos and Californians

Do North American Indians have any Asian origin?

Some do, yes.

What religion do the Philippines practice?

Most phillipinos are Christian. And the Majority is Roman Catholic.

What are things to do in Indonesia?

meet phillipinos be a lesbian watch monster high mayhem

What does the last name Trukki mean?

I think it means "hope" from an Asian origin.

Are there any multinational companies of Indian origin?

there are number of Indian origin companies which are mnc. fews are Tata motors,ranbaxy,Asian paints

Do lady gaga knows that gaga is a bad word on Philippines?

She does, but she doesn't care. No offense to Phillipinos!

What is Asian fusion cuisine?

Fusion Cuisine is cuisine that blends or combines elements from more than one origin. Asian Fusion Cuisine can mean a blend of various Asian styles of cooking or a blend of Asian style with a another style of cooking altogether.

Are Australians an ethnic group?

Aboriginal Australians are: many Australians are European or Asian or whatever in origin.

Are Shaman people white?

The origin of the word Shaman is from the Tungus people, who would be considered asian.

What kind of website is AsianTown?

Asian Town is a popular website where people of Asian origin discuss different topics. It has got a forum where everybody is welcome to express their views.

What did the Mughals look like?

They looked persian but if you look at the earlier generations they had more of a asian look because they were descendants of genghis khan. Their origin was central asian turks from Uzbekistan

What ancestry are almost a quarter of present day Canadians?

About 28 percent are from the British Isles. About 23 percent are of French origin. About 15 percent are of other European origin. Two percent are of Native American Indian origin. Six percent are of Arabic origin. The remaining 26 percent are of mixed origin or Asian or African origin.

What is the origin of the word 'temperature'?

It comes from the Latin word termperatura.It is also derived from an Asian word.

Why are you Asian?

You can be Asian because your ancestors were Asian and your culture becomes Asian. Even if you get plastic surgery to change your face, you would still be Asian. You would be considered Asian by nationality if born in Asia in certain circumstances. A persons parents could have been born in Asia and lived there for many generations. They move to the USA and give birth to children. Those children would be considered American but of Asian origin.

Are Mexicans and phillapinos related?

They both have Spanish ancestors, but they become Mexican or Phillipinos by the mixture of other local races.

What does Ethnic Affinity mean?

It is a term that refers to how a person chooses to determine their origin culture and grouping. For example, a person who moves to the US from Shanghai could see themselves as Shanghainese, as Chinese, as Asian, as Asian-American, as American of Asian Heritage or some other combination. All of these are "plausible" ethnicities. The choice in titles shows the value that they place on their particular value sets and origin cultures.