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Are planktons animals?


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PlanktonYes, plankton are animals but also plants

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Planktons are not animals they are plants! Save for zooplankton.

Planktons don't eat animals. Phytoplanktons undergo photosynthesis, but zooplanton eat other plankton

I think plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons plankton eat other planktons

they feed on planktons. The planktons which serve as their food filters the water that enters to a porifera's pores and this microorganisms (planktons) serve as their food.

You said planktons are not vertebrates or invertebrates so how can it be vertebrate if it is niether

Holoplankton and meroplankton are types of planktons found in the oceans. Holoplankton are planktons for their entire lives, while meroplanktons are planktons for only part of their lives.

Planktons are small microscopic organisms that can be both plants and animals and serve as food for fish and other larger organisms.

It depends on the body of water. In oceans, there are planktons, water plants, macro and microinvertibrates, other animals, and more. In lakes, there are planktons, water bugs, algae, plants etc. In streams there can be lots of things as above. It really depends what and where you're looking for.

tiny/small under sea creatures that eat everything, including other planktons! they usually have one eye

No, plankton are defined as free-floating, such as many microscopic species and then larger animals such as jellyfish. Sharks are cartilaginous fish that can control their movement.

fishes feed upon the planktons and other small fishes and serve as a food to other animals of the sea

Planktons and Zooplanktons

The planktons make oxygen because it breaths CO2. CO2 is 1 carbon atom and 2 oxygen atoms. So when the planktons get the CO2, it gets ONLY the carbon atom and leaves the oxygen atoms as a form as waste. The waste of the plankton is the benifeit of the animals on earth.

They feed off phytoplankton

Small organisms such as planktons.

Zooplankton and Phytoplankton

fish eat small planktons called planktons which are really easy to swallow then they finish eating like a human would.

Salp, a oceanic animal which feeds on planktons... among terrestrial animals.... mice, rabbits (in general rodents i think) top the charts...

yes, Planktons interacts with other organisms Phyto planktons serves us food to whales and other species

Zoo planktons eat Phytoplanktons

minnows and other small aquatics

No they don't. They are very simplistic organisms :]

pond weeds - planktons - fishes

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