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They are considered now threatened or vulnerable.

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Why are polar bears labeled endangered?

polar bears are on the us fish & wildlife services endangered threatened list because polar bears are being threatened and their population is only at 25,000 and that is low

When were polar bears identified as endangered?

With a population approaching 25000 worldwide, the polar bear is considered threatened, not endangered.

When did the Polar Bears get put on the threatened list?

Polar Bears were put on the Endangered List on May 14, 2008

Are polar bears the most endangered animal?

Absolutely not. In fact, they are not listed as endangered, but vulnerable. There are many species more threatened with extinction than polar bears.

Are polar bears extinct or threatened?

polar bears are an endangered species (which means they are threatened) parts of the arctic cap are melting because of global warming, and that is where they live. Polar bears are listed as "vulnerable, and are not an endangered species just yet. In fact, there is evidence that the population is on the rise.

Are polar bears still on the endangered species list?

Yes, polar bears are listed as Threatened on the main endangered species lists. See the related question below for more information about their listing and status.

When were polar bears listed as an endangered species?

Polar bears were added to the list of endangered and threatened species in 2006. However, studies show that their number have been increasing since 2001, with about 4,200 more polar bears in 2013 than there were in 2001. If the trend continues, they will no longer be threatened.

How many polar bears are in endangered?

over 16,000 polar bears are endangered.

Are humans helping polar bears be less endangered?

Yes, many organizations are helping the bear, though it isn't endangered, but threatened.

Who is responsible for polar bears being endangered?

Since humans are the great bear's only natural predators, you must say humans are responsible. However, at this time, polar bears are not considered an endangered species, but are threatened.

Are polar bears the most endangered animals?

Polar bears are not the most endangered animal ,but they are an endangered species.

Why are the American black bears endangered?

Black bears are not endangered, but they are threatened.

Why did polar bears become endangered?

The polar bear is listed as "Vulnerable", not endangered.Polar bears became endangered because of global warming

How did polar bears become endangered?

Polar Bears became endangered because of global warming and habitat loss.

What are the pros and cons of endangered species polar bears?

Polar bears are not an endangered species but are listed as vulnerable.

Why are the polar bears endangered?

They are not endangered

Why do polar bears keep going extinct?

At present, there are beteen 20000-25000 polar bears, and they are considered "Threatened", by the IUCN, not an endangered species at this time.Polar bears have never been extinct. Though they were on the endangered species list the numbers are now recovering and still considered 'at risk'.

Why is the polar bear threatened?

Polar Bears are threatened by Global Warming and Greenhouse Gasses

How do polar bears communicate?

Polar bears communicate by vocalizing! Adult polar bears vocailize most when they are agitated or threatened.

Why not to kill polar bears?

Polar bear are endangered. That is why.

How are polar bears useful to humans?

yea they are...i do not no what so ever but anyways SAVE THE ALMOST ENDANGERED POLAR BEARSPolar bears are not endangered. Their population is stable. WWF is telling lies.

What is a conclusion on polar bears?

Polar bears are the top Arctic predator, numbering some 25000 animals. Although often cited as endangered by many, this animal is considered threatened or vulnerable, and is in no immediate danger of extinction.

Were polar bears endangered in 1997?


Are polar bears endangered animals-?

Polar Bears are currently endangered animals and on the bring of extinction due to the process of global warming.

Why are polerbears endangered?

The polar bear is not endangered, but rather is considered threatened or vulnerable.