Are possums rodents

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No, Possums are marsupials.

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Q: Are possums rodents
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Are possums and rats from the same family?

Not at all. Possums and rats are not even remotely related. Possums are marsupials, while rats are rodents.

Do rats breed with possums?

No, Opossums are marsupials. Rats are rodents.

What are pygmy possums predators?

Pygmy possums are small possums. They have many predators, which includes birds that eat smaller rodents and bigger carnivorous animals.

What are worms preditors?

Birds, small rodents, possums, racoon's, bugs

Do owls eat possums?

No. Owls will normally go for smaller prey, such as rodents.

Do any other organisms carry the bubonic plague?

Squirrels are the main rodents in California that carry it. Lots of rodents do (rats, possums, etc.) I hope this helps!

What animal life is in scrublands?

Rodents such as shrews, possums, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, bats, and also deer.

How can you repel possums?

In possums

Are possums known to attack people-A friend caught a gray rodent in a steel trap and it was baring its teeth and bristling?

Firstly, possums are not rodents. They are marsupials, and very different in appearnace to rodents. Secondly, any animal caught in a cruel steel trap is going to bare its teeth. Thirdly, true possums live only in Australia and various other southern Pacific countries such as New Guinea and New Zealand (where they have been introduced) and unless your friend lives here, it was definitely not a possum.

What is a possum called when there is 2?


What do you call multiple possums?


Are possums deadly?

Possums are not deadly.

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