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Masons tipsI have had better luck with the poured ones afetr the forms have been taken off. Making sure as the concrete is poured/pumped into the wasll to use a concrete vibrater to remove air which will result in hollow spots and cracking.You can finish the walls easily with Grout,cement,or a type of mortar that has less shrinkagee but this type hardens quickly, so have your mason ready with sponge floats /hand floats,Masons hammer,protective gear for eyes, hands,rubber boots, to prevent exsposure to the wet cement that will cause a chemical burn.
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Q: Are poured or block basement walls easier to finish?
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Is it possible to build a basement after the house is built?

Yes. There are contractors that specialize in lifting entire houses using steel beams placed under the floor system. Assuming the terrain and drainage allows, your home can be lifted and moved off while a basement is doug and the concrete poured or block laid.

Basement Waterproofing?

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How much more are superior walls for basement construction than block walls?

If you go to Superior Walls website you will see that, unlike block walls, Superior Walls includes not only the concrete wall, but built in insulation and framing, and the walls are water-tight so in most cases you don't need to add a bituminous waterproof coating. This wall design makes it much easier for the homeowner to finish their basement and it contributes to a warmer dryer living space in the basement. Because of these extra featues and benefits you will normally pay more for Superior Walls than for block walls. Prices vary around the country so contact your nearest Superior Walls dealer for a price quote. The website provides contact information.

What is a block foundation?

The foundation is built out of cement blocks instead of poured concrete.

What is a 13 course block basement?

Each row of block is 1 course. <><><> Yep- means the basement wall is 13 rows of concrete block tall. With the mortar joints, about 9 feet.

Does a concrete block basement wall have to be insulated to add heat?

speker of the house

Concrete Foundation Installation?

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How can a small leak at the basement wall block joints be sealed?

Try a butyl mortar colored caulking.

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How do you get rid of effervesience on cinder block walls in a basement?

You may not. It could mean the water proofing was not done correctly.

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Do you need a vapor barrier when framing out a sealed block basement for moisture?

I would, block foundations will always crack between joints. Hang a sheet of plastic and put the wall in front of it.

What products are useful in waterproofing basement walls?

The products that are useful in waterproofing basement walls are plaster and dry wall paint. With plaster, you can block all the water from leaking. With dry wall, you can replace the leaking wall.

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