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Generally, a gunsmith will fit a recoil pad to the shotgun using an oversized, standard pad. Not too difficult.

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Q: Are pre-fit recoil pads available for Remington Model 11 shotgun?
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How does the recoil of a Remington 870 12 gauge compare to the recoil of a 50 cal using 100g of powder?

The modern shotgun will have a sharper recoil than the black powder. The recoil force will vary depending on the particular loading, but will tend to be heavier.

Which has a bigger recoil an ak47 or an Remington 700?

The cartridges used in a Remington 700 typically produce considerably more recoil.

Do all guns have a recoil?

Almost all- but the amount of recoil varies a lot. A .22 rifle has almost no recoil, a 12 gauge shotgun a lot.

Does recoil increase with a shorter shotgun barrel?

Weight is what affects recoil. Cut the barrel, reduce the weight, recoil will increase if all else is equal.

What shotgun has more recoil a pump action or semiautomatic assuming the same ammo?

A pump will have more recoil. The action of a semi-auto will absorb some of the recoil.

What is a low recoil on a shotshell?

It is a shell for a shotgun that has less power than a standard shotshell, and produces less recoil, or "kick".

How much recoil did muskets have?

Similar to modern day shotgun

Shotgun marked Browning's Patents Oct 9 1900 dec 17 1901 June 16 1903 and serial number 147889 it's made by Remington Arms can anyone tell you anything about it?

It's a Model 11 - made in 1916. Recoil operated with brass friction, lots of info on web do a search on the Remington Model 11.

Why does a rifle have less kick then a shotgun?

It depends on the comparative charges of the ammunition. A rifle can have more recoil than a shotgun.

Why are vents put into a semi automatic shotgun barrel?

Recoil reduction.

What is the difference between the Ithaca mag10 recoil compared to the Remington SP10?

Virtually the same.

Will Remington 870 stocks fit on a Remington 11-87?

No. The 11-87 has a recoil spring & tube in the stock, the 870 uses a single bolt.

Will browning a 5 recoil spring interchange with Remington model 11?

Possible, but, have a gunsmith check it out.

Does Remington make a recoil pad for a 760 gamemaster?

No, they do not. I called the company directly and they recommended a grind to fit model.

Can recoil be adjusted by turning the nut in the stock on a model 59 Winchester shotgun?


How bad is the Remington 870 recoil is it like the 1100?

I guess one could argue the "perceived" recoil on a 1100 might be less because of the auto-loading mechanism might distribute recoil to other parts or lengthen the time for the same impact period but being their weight is also nearly identical I would say they are really the same. How bad is subjective and also depends on caliber, load, etc. BUT if someone hasn't taught you how to hold a shotgun up tight it'll beat the heck out of you.

What would cause a Remington model 58 shot gun not to eject the shell after firing a round?

My first guess would be that it needs a real good cleaning, this is a gas operated and not a recoil action. They haven't made them in about 50 years there might be a bit of junk in there ;) Remember this is also Remington's first gas operated shotgun it and there have been a lot of improvements it won't be as forgiving as modern versions.

Where can you find a bolt recoil pad for a Charles Daly semi auto shotgun?


What is the lower recoil shotgun?

The quick answer is a .410 bore - but there are relatively low recoil 12 ga. guns as well. Browning made a "recoiless" trap gun which almost is recoiless. In general, a gas-operated semi-auto will have less recoil, and in some cases this can be combined with a recoil-absorbing stock.

Does the ventilated rib on a shotgun reduce recoil?

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Will browning a-5 recoil spring interchange with Remington model 11?

I just received an A-5 recoil spring that was stated to fit the Remington model 11 12 gauge with a 5 round magazine tube . The A-5 spring was 3" longer than the original model 11 spring. Will it fit? Yes; after I shorten it.

What would one use a Mossberg 500 Stock for?

The Mossberg 500 Stock is the stock for the Mossberg 500 shotgun. The stock would allow you to get a better grip on the shotgun and absorb some recoil from firing the shotgun.

What is a Remington model 600 308 worth?

ABOUT $300, depending on condition. Expect heavy recoil- extremely light rifle.

22 rifle scoremaster remington?

A Remington Scoremaster .22 rifle is well suited for target practice and small game hunting. It is also ideal for new shooters due to its low recoil and affordable ammunition.

What is a model 8 35 Remington gas powered semiautomatic rifle worth?

Remington 8 is NOT gas operated. there is a recoil spring under the barrel shroud. they range from $350 to $650 depending on condition and caliber. Remington 8 is NOT gas operated. there is a recoil spring under the barrel shroud. they range from $350 to $650 depending on condition and caliber. Remington model 8 is NOT gas operated. it has recoiling barrel. there is a spring under the barrel shroud. prices are $350 to $650 depending on condition and caliber.