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negative results can be incorrect, due to insufficient levels of the hcg they require to work, but a positive result is more than likely to be correct. it can however be affected if you are on certain fertility medication.

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Q: Are pregnancy tests always right?
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Is pregnancy test always correct?

No, pregnancy tests are not always correct.

Does The pregnancy test is always true?

No, even pregnancy tests have errors sometimes.

What if you always fail pregnancy tests?

It just means that you are not getting pregnant.

How effective are home pregnancy tests?

Home pregnancy tests isn't always 100% percent sure. It is best to get a blood and urine test at the doctors office.

Are you going to pass your math test?

I always pass the tests that I take, even the pregnancy and STD tests (joking).

I have all pregnancy symptoms including implantation bleeding is it still possible to have 3 negative pregnancy tests?

Very, very unlikely if you're doing the tests right.

How can you tell when your girl is pregnant?

If a pregnancy test comes out positive. Although, pregnancy tests aren't always 100% accurate.

Are at home pregnancy tests always correct?

Almost NOTHING is ALWAYS correct.Home pregnancy tests are around 85 % so use three from different manufacturers and you are approaching 99% if they all give the same result. If not then you will have to find out why.

3 weeks late on your period but false pregnancy test?

Pregnancy tests are not always right. Plus 3 weeks is quite a bit of time, you should go see your doctor, you will get a more accurate test.

How likely is it that you are pregnant if you have not had a period in two months and have many symptoms of pregnancy but have taken three pregnancy tests and all were negative?

It have happen and I'm sure it did to many womens out there. this means that the pregancy tests are not always right what you need to do is see a real doctor instead of at home using pregancy tester.

A few months ago a you took a pregnancy test and it came back positive and then all the rest of the tests came back negative what does this mean?

Either the first one was right or you've had a early miscarriage. The home pregnancy tests are not always reliable. Take a blood test to make sure.

If you have taken a pregnancy test that came back positive and took another brand of pregnancy test and that came up negative could you still be pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests are not always accurate. It is always best to see a doctor for accurate pregnancy results.

If you've gotten 4 negative pregnancy tests and get periods that are a little bit lighter and shorter than usual could you be pregnant?

most likely not pregnant, with so many negatives, but that being said, pregnancy tests are not always right, and you can get your period while pregnant, if you think you might be, its best to consult a doctor

How do blood pregnancy tests work?

It tests the hCG (pregnancy hormone) levels that are in your blood.

What stores sell pregnancy tests?

99 cent store sell pregnancy tests

Can you still have positive pregnancy tests with phantom pregnancies?

yes because to have the phantom pregnancy your body secretes pregnancy hormones which is what pregnancy tests look for

Negative pregnancy test but feel movement could i still be pregnant?

Yes. Home pregnancy tests are not always accurate. Take multiple tests, or see a doctor. If you are far enough along in the pregnancy to be feeling movement from the fetus, then your belly should have started protruding.

Are pregnancy tests always certain?

Pregnancy tests are not 100% reliable. False postitives are very rare, but false negatives are a lot more common, generally because people test too early for it to show as positive

Is feeling sick and having morning sickness always a sign of pregnancy?

No, it could be a sign of something else and every pregnancy does not involve morning sickness (75% do). The best ways to tell if you are pregnant are missed periods, home pregnancy tests, and physician exams and laboratory tests.

If you are more than ten days late on your cycle but home pregnancy tests are negative should you see a doctor?

Yes, pregnancy tests are not always 100% accurate and a doctor should be able to confirm or deny if you are, in fact, pregnant.

Are pregnancy tests the same as drug tests?

Pregnancy tests detect certain chemicals in a woman's urine which are otherwise not present if not pregnant. Otherwise NO.

What are good pregnancy tests?

Answer digital pregnancy test

Can pregnancy tests be false?

Sometimes they can be.... So you always have to check twice... If you are still unsure, go check at the doctors...

Are the doctors urine pregnancy tests more accurate than home pregnancy tests?

No. They are exactly the same.

Is a urine test or a blood test more accurate for determining pregnancy?

Although urine tests are almost 100 percent accurate, there could be something affecting the test that is not a pregnancy. Blood tests, are completely accurate, and i recommend anyone to get a blood test instead of a urine test, because they can tell right away if your pregnant, and it wont be something setting of the pregnancy test, when really it isn't a pregnancy, and it's always important to be absolutely positive. - Nicole.