Are pure bred dogs better than mixed breed mutts?

NO! It doesn't matter if the dog is a purebred poodle or a mixed pitbull they are still a dog and they still deserve to be loved. I believe that a dog or a dog from the shelter is the best dog because they are unique and not many other people have a dog like that. I have a Husky-Airedale mix and he is the best dog in our community everybody always comment on how lovable and cute he is and how well tempered he is. He visits most of our neighbours with my dad everyday and a man in our community even told my dad that he doesn't really care much for dogs but if he could have one like my Boo he would get one in a heartbeat. So my conclusion is that a purebred is not any better than a mixed breed they are still a dog.

The myth that mixed-breeds are healthier is widespread, but not true at all. A dog is a mix of two (or more) breeds, does not mean that any genetic faults or health problems that come with one breed are cancelled out with another. In fact, the resulting offspring can inherit both of the parent's genetic issues, such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, just to name a few of the more common health issues.

A dog, either mixed or or purebred, belonging to a good, reputable breeder has a much higher chance of producing healthier offspring. The reason for this is that good breeders spend many hundreds of pounds/dollars on health tests, which test the potential breeding dog's elbows, hips, eyes, and whatever else that may be a health issue in the particular breed. A good breeder will only breed a dog if it has good scores (amongst other things). This ensures the risk of passing on genetic problems to the offspring is kept at a absolute minimum.