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Are rabbits or guinea pigs more popular as pets in Australia?


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Guinea pigs are more popular as you can purchase them from local pet shops. Rabbits may not be kept as pets at all in the state of Queensland, and are illegal to have as a pet in Australia without a special licence which can cost a few hundred dollars to obtain on top of the costs of trying to get the per rabbit in the first place.


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It depends on where you live.

it depends on the owners age guinea pigs do well with children and rabbits require more work so they are better with older ages.

absolutley NOT NEVER keep a rabbit and guinea pig together- the rabbits can crush and more commonly brake guinea pigs bones guinea pigs are more fragile and not as hardy any food not specially made for guineas is bad for them

Yes they are popular but cats and dogs are more popular.

Nothing, however rabbits require more space than guinea pigs. Rabbits require at least 6ft and a pair of guinea pigs at least need 4ft of space.

No, rabbits and guinea pigs cannot be together. Even if one is a kit and the guinea pig is smaller. I want to have rabbits and guinea pigs in the same cage too, but the "Big Book of Rabbits" doesn't recommend it-- no book does. Also when rabbits grow up, they tend to get more territorial and will kick the guinea pig very hard!

they dont fight there friendly sometimes or not but good company and friends the love each other my reply- a female rabbit is more likely to get on with a guinea pig but is also more capable of ripping it to bits or bullying it. rabbits and guinea pigs are good together especially if they have grown up together. the sex of the guinea pig does not matter. however two males wont bond very easily (male rabbits or a male rabbit and a male guinea pig) and sometimes the female may see the guinea pig as a mate. female rabbits are more dominant and territorial so they can see the guinea pig as a mate or something they can bully around or hurt. but generally if bonded properly they get on apart from the odd squabble

it doesn't really matter whether a rabbit or guinea pig is better. to some people, rabbits are better for some reasons. to others, guinea pigs are better. whether a rabbit could be easily trained than a guinea pig or the other way around, it all depends on the person!♥ I think rabbits are softer, and guinea pigs claws dig into you, but it really depends on you, more people in the UK have rabbits *i think* but guinea pigs make a good pet too.

No, I doubt it. I do have a friend who has a rabbit and guinea pig in the same hutch but guinea pigs are more friendly to there own species; especially if they're from the same litter.

Gerbils are rodents. Aswell as hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and rabbits. There are more rodents.

It is not recommended. Rabbits have powerful hind legs and can easily injure a guinea pig. Even if the rabbits are tame, accidents can still happen. Another factor is that both animals have different diet requirements (Guinea pigs need more Vitamin C, etc.).

There are rabbits everywhere in Australia, including near Mackay. In some parts of Australia, they are in plague proportions, whilst in other areas there have been more successful campains to eradicate this pest.

The enemies are: -Cats -Guinea Pigs -Mice -Rabbits -Dogs -Birds For more Information, visit:

Yes, if there are more than two males (but no females) in a cage, they will get along. But more will cause a fight.

Rabbits need way more care with their body as well as cage changes every week. They also need to be held at least 30 minutes each day. So if you are not looking forward to doing that, go with a rabbit. But rabbits are harder to take care of than guinea pigs.

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You should probably get another guinea pig of the same gender and age, maybe from an animal rescue centre. Don't get a rabbit, though, because while some rabbits and guinea pigs are great friends, most fight and the guinea pig often dies because the rabbit tries to mate with it. Rabbits are much stronger and more aggressive than guinea pigs so don't put them in with each other for the guinea pig's sake.

Baby Rabbits are born naked and without open eyes.But,baby Guinea Pigs are more developed,they have fur on their body and are born with open eyes. Baby Guinea Pigs can stand on its own feet just after a minute unlike rabbits.Also,baby Guinea Pigs can eat some foods that adult Guinea pigs eat.But,rabbit babies are fully depended on their mother for food.

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The most common native animal in Australia is the kangaroo. However, more common than kangaroos are introduced species such as rabbits and mice.

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