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All traffic citations are a matter of public record but you have to request it from the department, usually under a FOI. Attorneys in many states search the records and will solicit you. Your record will also be available to your insurance carrier and your rates will increase dramatically. $1000 a year for three years is not unusual. Reckless driving is a very serious offense and you need to retain an attorney. lwpat

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Q: Are reckless driving citations made public?
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What is the statute of limitations for police to issue a speeding ticket or reckless driving citation in Georgia?

most of time, in any state... a speeding ticket and/or reckless driving ticket is issued at the time the stop is made. but standard in most states they have a year to posecute.

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Who is at fault if driver A was cited for reckless driving but driver B had the stop sign and yielded then made the turn but was hit in the rear left corner of car?

Well, you have the obligation to yield right of way, but if the other driver was cited then it's likely his fault. A copy of the accident report will clearly state which driver is at fault.

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