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Are red pennies worth more that brown?


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no YES. It only counts when you are getting into the higher grades since anything that has been circulated for any amount of time has been exposed to the air enough to turn brown. In the "old days" an uncirculated copper coin that was described as "red" would bring a premium over another coin identical in all features except the color. Now with the 1 to 70 grading scale, the red coin will get a higher number. Correction ... the color of the coin has nothing to do with the number grade it may be assigned. The "RED" designation only comes into play when referring to uncirculated coins. Regardless of the uncirculated grade assigned to a coin, it can also be assigned a color attribute of either BROWN, RED-BROWN, or RED -- based on the amount of original mint red color still remains. The more original mint red color remains, the more valuable the coin will be.


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Copper pennies tarnish over time, taking on a brown hue. Part of the evaluation of a coin by collectors is the color and, for pennies, the color is typically broken into three categories: Red, Red-Brown, and Brown. By that standard, red cents were those that hadn't been circulated very much and were more desirable.

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The easy answer I give everyone is " whatever someone else is willing to pay for it " Now what affects " what someone else is willing to pay for it ?" Two things color and condition. Color is brown , red or red brown. Most pennies start out red and then over the years " mellow " to a very eye appealing brown. These brown or "toned " coins are usually worth more. The other factor is condition. From worn to uncirculated and every stop in between. The range of price follows right along this line from 5 cents for a worn RD/BN penny, to $8000 for a near perfect uncirculated BN 1910 penny

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