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Are repeating decimals rational?

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Rational numbers are numbers or decimals that repeat or terminate.

Irrational Numbers do not. For example π is an irrational number.

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Is a rational number a repeating decimal?

All repeating decimals are rational numbers. Not all rational numbers are repeating decimals.

Is 8.56909 a rational or irrational decimal?

Any terminating decimal is rational. So are repeating (periodic) decimals.Any terminating decimal is rational. So are repeating (periodic) decimals.Any terminating decimal is rational. So are repeating (periodic) decimals.Any terminating decimal is rational. So are repeating (periodic) decimals.

Is a repeating decimal sometimes a rational number?

Repeating decimals are always rational.

Are terminating and repeating decimals irrational numbers?

Terminating and repeating decimals are rational numbers.

Are reapeating decimals sometimes rational numbers?

Repeating decimals are ALWAYS rational numbers.

Is repeating decimals irrational?

No, they are rational.

Are repeating decimals rational or irrational numbers?

Repeating decimals are rational numbers if there is a pattern, like 0.22222222. If it is not a pattern, like 0.568964329, it is an irrational number.

Is a repeating decimal rational?

yes, repeating decimals (those that have infinite - never ending - number of digits after the decimal point and these decimals show repeating pattern) are rational numbers, because they can be written as fractions.

Why can't repeating decimals be a rational number?

If the decimal representation of a number repeats, it isa rational number.

Is a ellipsis decimal rational?

Sometimes. Ellipses are used in repeating decimals like 7.4444... or 8.121212... to show that the pattern repeats forever. Repeating decimals are rational. Ellipses are also used in non-repeating, non-terminating decimals like pi = 3.14159... . Non-repeating, non-terminating decimals are irrational.

Is 23.8282828282 irrational?

No. Numbers with terminating or repeating decimals are rational.

Is 0.313131 a rational number?

Yes, it is a repeating decimal. Terminating and repeating decimals are rationals. Rational numbers can also be expressed as a fraction. 0.313131 is a repeating decimal.

is 2.91 an irrational number?

No. Anything that has a finite number of decimals (or repeating decimals) is a rational number.

Is -0.292929292929 rational or irrational?

If there are no further decimals, then it is rational. If it continues repeating 2929... then, too, it is a rational number.

Is -1.87652 rational or irrational?

All terminating or repeating decimals are rational. -1.87652 terminates so it is rational.

Is 2.6 a rational number?

Yes. Any terminating decimal (as well as repeating decimals) is rational.

How is a rational number that repeats different from a irratrional number that repeats?

Irrational numbers can not be repeating decimals. Any number that is a repeating decimal is rational.

Is non terminating but repeating decimals are irrational numbers?

If there's a repeating sequence then it's a rational number.

Is negative 4 over 3 rational or irrational?

Rational -1.(3 repeating) Any repeating decimals are rational. However, a number such as pi (3.141592654...) does not repeat or end.

Why are repeating decimals rational numbers?

Because repeating decimals can be written as simple fractions.0.22222 repeating = 2/9The formal definition of a rational number is a number that can be in the form p/qwhere p and q are integers and q is not equal to zero.

Are negative decimals rational numbers?

Yes, negative decimal numbers are rational, as long as it is terminating or repeating.

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