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No; repetitive movements are more likely to be a symptom of autism. Twitching or fidgeting are symptoms of ADHD that involve movement.

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Q: Are repetitive movements a symptom of ADHD?
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Is aggression a symptom of ADHD?

No; aggression is a common symptom of conduct disorders with often occur with ADHD.

Is sleepwalking a symptom of ADHD?

No, not when the symptom occurs alone. Individuals with ADHD are more likely to suffer from different types of sleep problems including sleepwalking and insomnia.

Is a total lack of consideration for others a symptom of adhd?

ADHD cause for total lack of consideration for others

Is getting completely absorbed in something Like a book or game a symptom of OCD?

no, they tend to be repetitive behaviors (like repetitive hand washing).

Which condition is a result of prolonged repetitive movements?

carpel tunnel syndrome

Can repetitive movements irritate your tendons and increase pressure on your nerves?


What is an exercise?

Physical activity that is planned structured and involves repetitive bodily movements

What is physical activity that is planned structured and involves what bodily movements?

Exercise; repetitive.

What does extrapyramidial effects mean?

Generally, extrepyramidial effects are unusual repetitive movements of the body. Repeated lip-smacking, tongue protrusions, facial twitches and pretty much any repetitive involuntary movements (whether in the face or elsewhere) are extrapyramidial.

What odd behaviors or movements are identifiable as catatonia symptoms?

Repetitive odd movements of the fingers or hands, as well as imitating the speech or movements of others also may indicate that catatonia is present.

Hich of these students displays an example of the impulsivity symptom of ADHD?

Mario is impatient and will not take turns in an activity

Planned structuredand repetitive bodily movements performed to improve physical fitness?

physical activity

What is the damage to tissues caused by prolonged movements is called?

The damage done is repetitive motion injury.

What is useful about recording mouse movements on your computer and watching them again later?

It is useful to record the mouse movements on your computer if you carry out a lot of repetitive tasks. By recording the movements you can replay the movements to carry out the action for you. Saving you time and relieving the repetition.

What is the importance of string diagram in industrial engineering?

it is useful for analysing the movements in short cycle repetitive jobs.

What is the most apparent symptom of Parkinson's disease?

Severe shaking is the most apparent symptom of Parkinson's disease. This coarse tremor features four to five muscle movements per second. These movements are evident at rest but decline or disappear during movement.

What negative affects does exercise have on the muscular system?

Sprain, Strain, Repetitive movements from a job, illness, disease, injury.

What is tourettes?

Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics.

How can a rotator cuff injury be prevented?

The best prevention is to avoid repetitive overhead arm movements and to develop shoulder strength.

What are RSI symptoms?

The symptoms of repetitive strain injury (RSI) are numbness, pain, tenderness, cramps, and weakness in the affect body part. This condition is caused by repetitive movements of a body part, such as the hands wrist or forearm.

What is the role of the basal ganglia in producing movement?

The basal ganglia send output messages to the motor cortex, helping to initiate movements, regulate repetitive or patterned movements, and control muscle tone

What type of repetitive hand movements are more likely to cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Motions that require the hands to repeat the same movements over and over again, especially with strong, forceful hand movements or ones that involve vibrating tools.

Why do my bowel movements look like coffee grounds?

== == That can be a symptom of blood in the stool and you should consult a doctor about it.

Is it possible to be misdiagnosed with depression and have ADHD?

No, the symptoms are too different. Depression can only cause cognative problems that might be confused with ADD in older people, but ADHD has hyperactivity as a symptom, whereas people with depression typically have the exact opposite.

Brain region that is injured to a person who is inability to walk and loss of balance?

The cerebellum is responsible for balance and repetitive movements, such as walking and writing.