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No. Resources can be un-natural, thus not being natural resources.

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Q: Are resources and natural resources the same?
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Is their a difference between natural resources and resources?

No not really because they mean the same but natural resources ars ground

Which statement about natural resources is true?

(Apex Learning) While all societies use natural resources, they do not use them in the same way.

Are the natural resources of great Britain and the USA he same?

They are similar in both but the natural resources in both countries are steadily depleting.

How are oil and water the same?

They are both natural resources

What is the same as natural resources?

Objects that are useful around you!

Are natural resources and resources the samething?

No Beacause Most Natural Resources Are Natural And The Resources That Are Not Are Just Resources

What are India's natural resources and natural resources?

The minerals are natural resources. As a good citizen of india, what should you do to conserve our natural resources.

Are energy resources and natural resources the same?

No, many natural resources have nothing to do with providing energy. Fresh water is a natural resource, ores and minerals also come to mind. Even many types of rock such as marble, granite, even gravel pits could be considered natural resources.

Is conversation same as preservation with respect to natural resources?


Are all natural resources natural?

yes all natural resources are natural.

What natural resources does Yorkshire have?

It has no natural resources

What are flow natural resources?

Flow Natural Resources are resources that flow.

What are known as natural resources?

natural resources are resources that can come from earth.

How do mineral resources effect natural resources?

the minerals are natural resources

What is piedmonts natural resources?

Piedmont's natural resources is natural gas.

What are Egypt's natural resources?

The natural resources of Egypt is crude oil. Egypt is the only country in Africa that has one resource that is the same as 10 other country's in Africa

Why does location affects natural resources?

Location affects natural resources because not all things grow everywhere, and not all regions of the world produce the same things.

What is renewable natural resources and non renewable natural resources?

renewable natural resources:-those resources which can be produced again and again are called renewable natural resources. example:-plants and animals non renewable natural resources:-the resources that we can never produce by any method are called non renewable natural resources. example:-air,soil,minerals and water

Inuit natural resources?

Inuit natural resources

What are Oregon's natural resources?

Their natural resources was minerals.

What are the Inuit natural resources?

what are Inuit natural resources

What are the natural resources of Columbia?

What are the natural resources of Columbia

What are five natural resources of US?

natural resources

Colorados natural resources?

What is Colorado's Natural Resources.

What is Hawaiis natural resources?

what is Hawaii's natural resources